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Answering ”What Makes This Job Interesting For You” In Interviews

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Ready to see the 5 hints on how to answer a particular question in your job interview? Let’s have a look

  1. Understanding the basics
    People want to see your passion for the particular job and make sure you have fully understood what this job is all about. For that reason, when they post the job on sites and ask for people to apply, they give a hint about what they are looking for from the people they will hire for this position. This piece of information may not be directly linked to the specific question, but it helps you approach your role in the company. In some cases, the company prefers to keep their cards closed and not reveal a lot of information so that the candidates will not respond to their questions based on what they read on the job post. If you find a hard time understanding what they want, you can check on posted jobs that other companies have published. If a company, for instance, is looking for a web developer, go ahead and read what skills they care about. Even if it is not the company you are applying for, you will get an idea of how they want things to be done.
  2. Linking your interests with your skills
    Every question during the interview has to work as a chance to demonstrate your skills and mention how good you are for the job. The ideal thing to do is match your skills to the role you want to play in the company. For example, you could mention that since you are a social person and you like to communicate with others, you also love to be a professor, or a salesman, or whatever the job is about. In other words, you imply that the job interests you because you are a perfect fit for it.
  3. The mission of the company can work as a source of inspiration
    When you are applying for a big company or a company that is at least serious enough to have long-term goals, you are likely to have come across during their mission at some point when you were doing your research about the company. This research can be brought up in many cases, and this question provides the opportunity to do that. The interviewer asks ”what interests you about the job?” and you listen ”why are you good for this job?” A perfect reply would be to say that you share a common philosophy and that you are quite attracted by their mission.
  4. There are always the ”not to do” stuff
    Apart from the stuff you need to emphasize, there are some things you want to avoid for sure. Whatever is associated with the bonuses the job will give you is not to be mentioned in this response. A good salary is an excellent example of what you want to avoid. People do not want to join their team because they will pay you good money. On the contrary, they want to see a real ambition on your behalf that will work as a motivation to bring something priceless to the company that cannot be met if they hire someone else. The job perks, in general, are not a good reason to make you stay. They can be mentioned if you are asked about your salary expectations, but not in this case. The question of what you like about the job is sincere, and some people have indeed strong motivation and a drive to give their passion in the career. Make sure you belong to that group, and you make others understand that.
  5. Generic answers, another ”not to do”
    Even though the setup may remind you of a psychiatrist’s office, the interview is not about talking general stuff. People want to get specific answers to specific questions instead of getting the same generic responses regardless of what their question was in the first place. When the answers are generic people get the idea that you want to avoid giving a solid answer either because you don’t have one or because it is not optimal. It will not be a surprise if they start thinking it is the money you are seeking, which means that all the effort you have made to avoid bringing up the salary issue will be useless. Giving general explanations and approaches equals lack of will and shows a person who is not open and would rather keep their feelings to themselves.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Answering ”What Makes This Job Interesting For You” In Interviews
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