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Top Websites For Students To Learn Coding

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In a digital world, where websites and web pages have taken over, it becomes essential what you show to your incoming traffic. Coding allows you to not only implement but also elevate your content. Knowing how to code gives you a unique edge over your competition, and as a student, it’s a great career move.
Coding is not limited only to software professionals these days. Coding is now regarded as a sought-after skill for digital platform enthusiasts and companies. The biggest hurdle that students face is the lack of avenues to learn. But if you are smart enough about your approach, you can not only learn to code but also learn it for free!

In the following lines, we present some smart avenues that may be of interest to you:

  1. Khan Academy
    Let’s keep coding aside for a minute. Khan Academy is by far the best place that you can go to for learning. It operates to provide world-class education to people everywhere for whatever they seek to learn. Now, let’s come back to coding. It matters not whether you are a beginner or a seasoned industry professional. There are hundreds upon hundreds of pages worth of material available for you. You can find the perfect teacher regardless of your skill level. As a beginner, you can choose to start from the basics, and as a professional, you can opt for classes that allow you to brush up on your skills.
  2. EdX
    As an open-source learning platform, none can hold a candle to EdX. It was found by MIT and Harvard, an assurance in itself that the quality of education here is at par with the very best in the world. Of the 90 partners and 60 schools that the learners can choose from, coding is just as good as any. EdX has managed to keep up its quality because of the constant technological and academic inputs that it receives from the teachers and colleges that run it. The course content is regularly updated to keep it in sync with the demands of the industry. With a platform like EdX, you not only get groundbreaking solutions but also accreditations to flaunt.
  3. MIT OpenCourseware
    MIT is one of the most prestigious places to be at; getting into its academic program requires an immense amount of hard work and talent. What doesn’t require so much effort is gaining access to its online resource material. At MIT OpencCourseware, you can opt for access to the study material that you desire. The MIT OCW was formed with the aim of allowing students to gain extra resource material. You can sift through lectures, assessments, course material, literature, text, etc. (having access to the study material of a place like MIT is nothing short of phenomenal!) There are companies that would pay anything for someone with such knowledge to come and work with them.
  4. Code School
    With more than one million students from over two hundred countries, Code School has made its mark. Whether you are a budding coder or a seasoned one, you can find teachers to take you even further. The mode of study is through video lessons from interactive and engaging teachers. Defending upon your level of excellence or the language you are particularly interested in (SQL, iOS, Python, JavaScript, etc.), you can choose your course. The mode of study is effective because you receive continuous feedback on your performance. You get to test your knowledge through challenges and quizzes and earn points on how well you perform. These points determine your report card, and when completed to a satisfactory level, they get you your course competition badge.
  5. Code Wars
    If you want to make your study a bit more engaging and a lot more fun, then Code Wars is where you need to be. They have one of the most engaging and practical learning systems around. You can challenge yourself, learn through experience, test your knowledge, re-learn a concept, study a new language; in short – you can do anything here. At Code Wars, you advance to the next class only when you master or complete the challenge that you are up against. The mode of learning focuses on not only teaching students but also on making sure that they retain the information they have learned.
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