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Stefanos Sifandos’ Philosophy on Life, Career, and Relationship Success

Stefanos Sifandos

Stefanos has a degree in behavioral science and is a certified educator and relationship expert. He is driven and inspired by a desire to help others reach their full potential and connect with one another. To achieve spiritual equilibrium, Stefanos’ philosophy combines Eastern and Western approaches. He helps people break unhealthy patterns of unresolved trauma and create a sound perception of self by helping them deal with their trauma, fear and pain. When working with sexual intimacy and polarity, Stefanos helps men navigate the muddy waters of contemporary masculinity, and helps women understand the males in their lives. 

Over the years, Stefanos has worked with tens of thousands of men and women from all walks of life, from special forces troops to Olympic gold medalists to professional world champion boxers, jujitsu athletes and kickboxers to the everyday person. At the Elementum Coaching Institute, which Stefanos co-founded he supports students in expanding the knowledge and practical wisdom as coaches. He, alongside his partners (including his wife Christine Hassler) have taken their combined 50+ years of education to impart valuable tools and techniques for collective and personal transformation. Stefanos also co-founded Love Amplified with his wife – a personal transformation platform focusing on love and relationships that holds multiple transformational programs. He also has founded MPowered Brotherhood – one of the fastest-growing men’s empowerment organizations on the planet. 

Stefanos’ neuro-empowerment techniques, a fusion of spiritual praxis and western psychology, improve and enhances the quality of your relationships by facilitating transformative growth in you. It is Stefanos’s belief that one can attain enlightenment and liberation via intimate connections and the sacredness of being in a union.

Stefanos combines the finest of spiritual approaches and beliefs to create harmony, sacredness, and joy in life through his work. His goal is to help you reconnect with your true self and enable you to live the magnificent life that you deserve.

The Way of the Heart

Stefanos is a firm believer that our efforts on the inside have an outer effect. To be sure, Stefanos points out that it doesn’t have to be difficult if you make use of your relationships with the people who matter most to you.

While growing up, Stefanos had to deal with many hardships. Violence, physical assault, bullying, being over-weight, and emotional abuse were common occurrences throughout his youth. 

Stefanos was raised in an environment where he was constantly judged and reprimanded, and he learned to adapt to that environment as he grew up. It was a must. In early adulthood, this led to destructive ways of expressing his identity and truth.

“I took what culture and society said men had to be or could be. And men were men; boys will be boys. And I became violent. And so, I started studying martial arts a lot more, but it wasn’t just this inward compassionate practice of understanding the body, mind, heart, spiritual connection. It was more, ‘I want to do this to hurt people because I was so hurt.’ I was always angry and always frustrated, and I could never understand why because I wasn’t choosing to look at that stuff that was underneath my rage,” shares Stefanos.

His warped sense of reality harmed his personal relationships, his self-perception, self-worth and his career as he knew it. In the end, his actions led to a ugly breakups, self-sabotage in business and unhealthy debt. He wanted to make amends after realizing the harm he was doing to people he cared about, including himself.

Changing the Meaning of Reality

It’s critical that we take time to work on ourselves and redefine our truth on a regular basis, especially if, like Stefanos, we’ve been impacted by trauma early in life and have had to adapt in order to survive.

Stefanos, on the other hand, believes that many of us are currently in a state of “unconsciousness.” For many people, the reasons for their actions and beliefs stem from unconscious drivers, unconscious patterns of thought, unresolved trauma and pain, dominating fears, and models of reality that they refuse to acknowledge. Bringing this to light in sfae and compassionate ways in the presence of healthy others, however, empowers us to make conscious choices; aware decisions of who we want to be and how we want to express ourselves.

He believes that when it comes to relationships, both personal and professional, we must continually return to our own internal truth and then choose to communicate that and be confident with how we offer it. Alongside that, hold empathy and consideration for the other’s experience and their needs. This form of reciprocal thinking enhances the quality of our relationships. But to get to that place of compassion, one must first clear the clutter of their own past, so that we become less defensive and protective and more open and trusting.

Stefanos states that when you’re in an intimate relationship, you are able to be pushed emotionally and spiritually because of the high stakes. But think if you took that same willingness into your business: willingness to go the extra mile; willingness to serve a little bit more; willingness to stay up an extra hour and just finish that project; willingness to hire someone when your finances could be tight, but you know they can help; willingness to assert yourself; willingness to try something different; willingness to try letting individual go that are not in alignment with your vision and bringing in a new employee and basically willingness to do the hard thing that needs to be done we would experience life with much more lightness and enjoyment. In addition to the thought, you must also engage in a visceral exercise of willingness. For him, the ability to be willing has been a game-changer in every aspect of his life.

If you want to improve your personal and professional life, you need to be open to new experiences.

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