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Getting Familiar With The Nature And Charm Of New Zealand

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand Landscape from aerial view

New Zealand is the second largest state on the continent of Oceania, after Australia. It is composed of two large islands, the so-called North and South, and of many smaller ones. Its isolation due to its geography is remarkable; however, it has never prevented New Zealanders from exploring the rest of the world. It always positively surprises tourists approaching this island and offers memorable experiences. From its landscapes and history to the habits of the inhabitants, New Zealand hides amazing “treasures”.

Read the following 5 things about New Zealand and learn what you should expect from your visit there:

  1. The whole country is a volcano
    Placed in the so-called “peaceful Ring of Fire,” New Zealand wins the title of the volcanic country. Many of them are still active, among them the Ruapehu volcano, which is the highest point in the country and was named Mount Doom in the epic trilogy “Lord of the Rings”. It is a fact that the largest city in the state, Auckland, is located in the homonymous Volcanic Field where 53 volcanoes dominate. Despite this, and to make you feel safe, let me inform you that the last volcano eruption occurred around 500 years ago.
  2. Crystal clear waters
    New Zealand is especially well known in activist circles because of the incredible purity that its waters present. A reference point is the Blue Lake, located in Nelson Lakes National Park. This lake has a depth of close to 80 meters and is called Rotomairewhenva, which in the language of the local natives of the country, means the lake of the peaceful land. Indeed the blue and pure waters only peace and tranquility can offer to its lucky visitors.
  3. The primacy of sheep
    The main occupation of New Zealanders is agriculture and animal husbandry. Indicative of the great love that New Zealanders show for husbandry is the incredible number of sheep that graze in the land of the country of Oceania. In particular, these lovely animals are about 40 million, a number that not only exceeds the number of permanent inhabitants but is nine times that. However, the numerous herds accumulate mainly in the province of the country, staying away from the inhospitable urban centers of large cities.
  4. The culinary options
    The intense agricultural and livestock activity of the New Zealanders constitutes the large production of butter and cheese, which puts these products as the basis of New Zealander gastronomy. Another result of the above is found in the high quality of meat in the country and especially in the famous lamb of New Zealand. Of excellent quality are characterized by both the fruits and vegetables produced and, of course, exported abroad, as well as the local and award-winning wine extracted directly from the local vineyards. Nevertheless, New Zealand cuisine has received several influences from external sources as well. English influence in the country has established the famous fish and chips as the most famous fast food that one can taste in the country. On the other hand, the traditional sweet potato used for centuries by the native Maori won the food-lovers New Zealand and is often added to local culinary delicacies.
  5. The special animal kingdom
    At least eleven species of animals have been observed exclusivity on the territory of New Zealand. Among them are the walrus of the area, the “yellow-eyed” and “little blue” penguins, and the Tuatara, a particular species of lizard. It is characteristic, however, that human presence constitutes only 5% of the total percentage of living organisms in the country, with the remaining 95% occupied by fauna. However, the most famous animal in the region is called the kiwi, and it is a small bird with strong legs, no tail, and hairy wings. It has a rare beauty and stands out by its small long beak, but without the ability to fly. This is the main reason that, unfortunately, the animal is an endangered species nowadays.
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