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The Dead Sea And The Red Sea, So Close And Yet So Different

Two divers exploring the Red Sea

Are you a fan of water and strange environments? Today I will present two of the most magnificent seas in the world that no one should miss.

The Red Sea
The Red Sea is famous for its unique waters. Many countries have beautiful beaches, and some may combine this treasure with other beauties, but the Red Sea is famous for the gems that are hidden under the water. The relatively high temperatures over there make the Red Sea a wonderful destination to visit in autumn and spring. Summer is quite warm and dry, and perhaps you will not enjoy it as much.
In fact, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt have all access to the north part of the Red Sea, which is probably the most interesting for professional scuba divers. Even if you have never done something like that before, you can go with an experienced teacher to explore the seabed for an hour or less. The prices for that are the same as in most places in the Mediterranean countries of Europe and maybe a little cheaper than in the United States.
The city you want to visit to explore the magic of scuba diving and snorkeling is in Jordan and is called Aqaba. The place is touristic but nothing extreme. The best news is that the city is duty-free. Shopping from Aqaba means you don’t have to pay the taxes on the products you buy, meaning you get them at very tempting prices. Aqaba is a treasure for both relaxing and shopping, combining the two desires we all have.

The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is between Israel and Jordan, while some part of it belongs to Palestine even though this is not a recognized country yet. Both Israel and Jordan provide touristic opportunities for people who are curious to discover the mystery of the Dead Sea.
All of the hotels that are around the Dead Sea are quite luxurious, and you will not find anything less than a 4-star hotel. To get in the sea, you will either have to book a room there and enter from their private beach or go to the area that is open to the public and enter from there. If you go to the public part, you will swim with locals. Actually, if you are in Jordan and decide to go to the public part, you will notice that women do not wear bathing suits. Women wear their clothes and are not encouraged to take them out to swim. Other than that, the natural beauty of the sea is the same in both cases, no matter which road you take.
So, what is all the fuzz about? Well, this sea is actually a big lake, and it is the lowest point on the planet below sea level. This fact alone creates a charming atmosphere for the visitors. However, apart from that, the water in the Dead Sea is very salty. This unique characteristic creates a domino of phenomena leading to the complete absence of any kind of life in the water. The hostile PH of the water does not allow even microorganisms to exist.
There are specific directions one has to follow before they enter the water. First of all, no one is allowed to stay for more than 20 minutes in the water. Secondly, you cannot put your head inside the water, especially with your eyes open. If you accidentally do that, you will immediately feel your eyes hurting, and the taste in your mouth will become very bitter. At this point, you have to get out and throw clean water on your face immediately.
Once you get out of the water, a local guy from your hotel will be waiting to put green clay mud all over your body. The culture in these countries is strange when it comes to women, so if you are a woman and you do not want a man to touch you, they will be completely discrete and let you help yourself. After 10 minutes, the mud will become dry on your skin, and you will go into the sea once again to clean the dirt out. Of course, after this whole adventure, you will have a shower at your hotel or enjoy the services in your hotel’s spa.

CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - The Dead Sea And The Red Sea, So Close And Yet So Different
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