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Trail the Fjords in Norway: Nærøy, Sogne, Aurlands, Troll, and Oslo

The Norwegian Fjords have crossed my mind several times since I returned from Norway. Norwegian history creates wanderlust, and the country’s fjords play a vital sway in instilling a strong desire to recall vacation memories again and over. These natural harbours from the Norse Fjǫrð connote voyage by their very nature. Surrounded by some of the world’s most spectacular mountains, these steep, elongated, and cavernous sea drains are worth sailing through. As you move from the mouth of the fjord to the inside of the sea, the past restricted by the titanic glaciers that have hewed the landscape through successive ice ages unfolds. 

As a result, the best of the best sea gorges form a U-shaped formation surrounded by breathtaking beauty. Even though Norway is undisputedly the king of inlets, there are a few extra-special fjords that you must visit on your next trip. To see these fjords, you can either take a mini-cruise or even better, go kayaking.


The Naeryfjord is the world’s narrowest-gauged fjord, dotted with the settlement of Bakka. This UNESCO-listed fjord is 18 kilometres long and 1,600 feet wide, and it delivers a stunning view of breathtaking scenery. While the ship is cruising at a leisurely pace, one of the most credible sights occurs. During the ice age, a tremendous covering of thick ice blanketed Norway, and your sail will be carried through it. On your left, you’ll see the calm Nærøydalselvi river flowing down the serene valley of Nærøydalen. You will say your goodbyes to the village of Gudvangen when you pass the Bakka Church on your right. Naeryfjord’s natural heritage is the best spot on the earth to appreciate nature’s forces. Norway in a Nutshell trip, which takes you around a tall mountain surrounded by sweeping beauty and the relaxing sound of waterfalls, includes this stretch in continuance to the Sognefjord.


The 205-kilometre-long Sognefjord cuts Norway in half, extending out to beautiful inlets. It is the country’s longest and deepest fjord, as well as a natural, historical, and cultural treasure trove. Around every bend, expect to see academic vistas. The Sognefjord offers a beautiful show of dramatic vistas while sailing across it. This tranquil hideaway is home to Norway’s wildest glaciers, coastline, valleys, and mountains. In the summer, you may stroll and cycle along the fjord, while in the winter, you can go recreational skiing. If you’d rather stay indoors, take a ride on the mini cruise and take in the waterscapes. Two of the most popular stops along this fjord route are the Kleivafossen waterfall and Olden, a little settlement of a hundred inhabitants. This is also the fjord to visit if you want to meet friendly seagulls.


The Aurlandsfjord and the Naeryfjord are both included in the two-hour Norway in a Nutshell trip, however, Aurlandsfjord is the more photographed of the two. This 29-kilometre-long fjord’s crown jewels are the Stegastein viewpoint and the settlement of Flåm. The steel Stegastein platform protrudes 30 metres from the mountainside, providing a breathtaking panorama and is open throughout the year. In the summer, the Aurland Valley, on the other hand, is a 40-kilometre-long cycling paradise. With a trail of magnificent forests that have been here forever, Aurlandsfjord, Norway’s Grand Canyon, is one of the most amazing sites to explore in this area. The cultural significance of Aurland Valley is as captivating as the stunning beauty that surrounds it. Many tourists, on the other hand, prefer to take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime chance to kayak along the Aurlandsfjord.


Trollfjord is a 2.5-kilometre-long fjord with a somewhat narrow entrance. This fjord is bordered by jagged mountain peaks and extends out from Raftsund, not far from the Lofoten islands. Trollfjord is gorgeous in a dramatic and eye-catching style, yet it draws few visitors due to its peculiar position. The majority of people visit during the summer to take a mini-cruise to see the highest point on the northern portion of the fjord excursion. The tight entryway and how the cruise manages to pass through it may surprise you. Trollfjord is one of the world’s best spots to observe wild sea eagles diving for fish.


Even if you have no plans to visit Norway’s countryside, the city of Oslo provides a look at the country’s outdoor lifestyle. Visit Oslofjord to get a taste of the fjords without having to leave the city. While you won’t be able to see the waterfalls or scarp cliffs but you can take a short sail to explore the neighbouring gorgeous little islands. You’ll pass via Hovedøya, a small island containing a nature reserve, former military installations, Cistercian monastery ruins, and the Hovedøya Abbey.

Getting back to nature is one of the best things you can do after a pandemic, and if you’re unsure which country to visit next, I’d recommend Norway for many reasons. Norway will pamper you with a variety of possibilities, whether you want to visit isolated islands, rent a cottage in the remote countryside, sail through breathtaking fjords or experience the amenities of a bustling city from the privacy of a luxury hotel room.

Written by Veidehi Gite.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Trail the Fjords in Norway: Nærøy, Sogne, Aurlands, Troll, and Oslo
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