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A Trip To Jordan And What To Expect

King Abdullah mosque in Amman, Jordan

Jordan is not a very popular destination among the rich and famous of this world, which makes it charming and attractive for those who want to find challenging adventures along their way.

Today, let’s talk about what you have to see and the expectations you can rise from this unique country:

  1. The country and the economy
    To understand what one has to expect, we need to look at the country’s geographical and financial background. To start with, Jordan is like a giant rock. The country has almost no vegetation since it is mainly covered by desert. At the same time it hardly ever rains there so people have a serious problem with water. California’s problem is nothing compared to Jordan, so this affects life in the country in several ways. Fruits and products that could be used to feed the population are very few, and obviously, the country does not export fruits or vegetables either.
    Meanwhile, even though Jordan is located in the Middle East, it is one of the few countries that do not have petroleum sources. Therefore, there are not many opportunities for people to get rich. Still, the fact that they do not have the ”black gold” in their territory may be a blessing. Most countries with oils suffer from wars, and if this is not the case, they surely have other countries imposing their power on them. We could say that Jordan is a peaceful and quiet country because it does not attract the interest of big forces or other countries next to it.
  2. The main attractions
    Lately, tourism has been developed all across the world and a developing country like Jordan could not miss the opportunity and took advantage of tourism as well. The main attraction in the country is Petra, an archeological monument in the south of the country. Very close to that, one can admire the next best thing in Jordan, the Red Sea. The city of Aqaba is comfortably located in the north part of the Red Sea, allowing visitors to explore the treasures of the best seabed in the world by doing snorkeling or scuba diving.
  3. The outsiders
    But because tourism is a big industry, as we said, Jordanians would have to figure out extra ways to take advantage of their territory. The first thing they considered was the presence of the desert, that for some people, may sound very exotic. Over the last decade, they have built innovative hotels in the desert of Wadi Rum, adding another gem to their list of sights. Additionally, they also turned to the Dead Sea, building some hotels there. Finally, there are also some hot springs very close to their capital, Amman, that is also open for tourists, and luxurious spas are also available. If you manage to visit Jordan, I strongly recommend paying a visit to Wadi Rum which is like half an hour’s drive from the Red Sea, which is also a must. The Dead Sea is something that you can miss even though I believe you could stop for a couple of hours at least to see what all the fuzz is about.
  4. The capital
    The capital has some sights that one could admire, but compared to the treasures one can find in other parts of the globe, the capital does not have a lot to offer. There is one big museum that visitors can check, which is quite decent and cheap, and of course, the market downtown that allows foreigners to discover the beauty of the culture. However, if you have limited time in Jordan, it is preferable not to waste it in the capital of Amman.
  5. The prices
    The local currency is JOD which is equal to around 1,40USD. Jordanian dinar is quite strong, so do not be surprised if you spend more than you expected. Remember, locals are based on tourists, and they keep prices high for foreigners. You will never buy something at the same price as the locals, and this is like an unwritten law in Jordan. Yet, the expensive hotels that provide all kinds of luxuries to their guests are still cheap compared to what you may find in Europe, Japan, or the United States.
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