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Why Is Loneliness So Popular Today?

Some people prefer to be social, and some people prefer to be lonely. Today more and more loneliness dominates. Generally, three pillars will determine our interactions: ourselves, others, and the circumstances. Today we see how people feel and why they finally prefer to be alone.

  1. When you are the best friend of yourself
    There is a difference between being lonely and being alone. Choosing to be alone could also mean that you are perfectly ok with yourself and you are a great friend of yourself. Having found all the comfort you need in yourself means that you don’t have to waste time to find the same things in others. We often make friends just because we cannot stand ourselves. Perhaps we are very judgemental, and we hope that out of some social kindness, others will have a good word to share with us instead of pointing out all the bad characteristics that we may feel we have.
    In many cases, we are polite to force others to be polite as well. We act in a kind way so that others will have no other choice than to act in the same way towards us. So, being kind is not always a sign of a polite personality; it is also a sign that someone could be insecure. This does not apply only to those who are kind but to those who are social and easily get along with others as well. To avoid being misunderstood, we do not suggest that kind and social people are insecure, but we cannot deny that this is a possibility. Besides, if an insecure person decides to build this defense mechanism, we will not blame them; on the other hand, we believe it is a nice way to express this insecurity, and it can only lead to further positive situations in the individual’s life. At the same time, a person who is completely fine as they are and they do not need any type of recognition should not feel they are anti-social but could embrace their choice, which is based on their temper.
  2. When others are not just as friendly
    Another possibility is that the person may not feel adequate, but they may seem incapable of meeting those people who are positive and will cheer them up. Some may probably dislike their loneliness, but at the same time, they may find it hard to find people who will make them feel better. The anxiety that social relationships can bring is not the same for every person. The less experienced someone is in that particular area, the harder it is to communicate efficiently. This is why age plays such a vital role. Young teenagers get more stressed when it comes to making new friends or even socializing with people of the opposite sex because they are less experienced. The more you practice, the better you get. In the meantime, not only does someone have to attract others, but they have to be able to tell the difference between those who are cool and will make perfect friends and those who are toxic and have absolutely nothing to offer. So, having the right criteria is a part of the game in order to avoid getting hurt.
  3. Lifestyle determines the way we live our lives
    Society does not always organize in the same way. The way things have evolved, social media have dominated our lives. Screens and friends from the telly are all there is. When the need to socialize is being covered by technology, why would someone want to get into the trouble of making real friends? One might say the benefits are more, and we will agree that, however, loneliness can be overcome up to a certain extent due to social media and this is not to be underestimated. Regardless of the reasons that led to the current situation, technology has taken control of everyday life, and since we do not have to cooperate in order to survive, it is apparent that social bonds will loosen up. Last but not least, remote work is yet another parameter that will affect relationships in the future, even though the influence it has is not visible yet.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Special Reports - Why Is Loneliness So Popular Today?
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