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The Value And Benefits Of Participation

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Participation is not about being a social person. Participation is about actively existing in a particular situation and being willing to interact. It is an attitude that can be adopted on many occasions, and it only comes with positive outcomes. One can be a participant student as a kid in the classroom of their school or an active member of society. Career, education, and politics are not the only fields that demand our participation. Have you ever focused on your behavior during a party? Going on the dancefloor to share some of your favorite moves with your friends from the club is a perfect sign of participation. It is a state where people can be energetic without having to be active in particular. For instance, a good listener always participates in the conversation as long as they perceive the other person’s words. Today, we will explore how participating can help us in three wonderful ways that prove why it is so essential for our well-being.

  1. The more you give, the more you take
    Participating is about maintaining an attitude of constant interaction with no particular intention. However, the truth is that the more you give your heart to something, the more chances you have to take it back. One can find a typical example of that in loving relationships. While some people are hesitant about opening up and stepping into the relationship with both feet, ready to live their passion wildly, others will go ahead and do it with no second thoughts. The second category will gain a lot more from that experience, and the only reason for that is because they simply decided to take the step and join what their destiny called them to join. This is the typical behavior of a person who chooses to be the participant. These people will be blessed to live the joy that comes together with the risk they take because, let’s face it, if there is one reason we refuse to participate, this is only our fear. The fear of getting hurt or wasting our time is often there when we ask ourselves whether we should take the shot or not. Still, standing on the side is the only way one can waste time. Participating is about giving yourself what you need and allowing yourself to explore a whole new world. Holding ourselves for what might enlighten our lives with love and knowledge is proof that we are unaware that this could happen soon as long as we say goodbye to fear for good.

  2. Bonding with other people
    Meanwhile, most of the time, the concept will include other people as well. At this point, let us be brave and take the first step to allow ourselves to be open and invite others to do the same. Every personality that follows this road becomes, for some reason, irresistible to others. There is nothing more moving than a person willing to live passionately and connect with other people. Besides, the experience is amazing for all of the people in this situation. It is like extra waves of super-powerful energy are being created by the charming interaction of people willing to live their fears aside and take a moment to experience freedom.

  3. Giving is exciting
    Of course, when we participate in various procedures and situations, a part of us is asked to offer to others. Regardless of whether we will take something in return, being ok with providing our services and offering our help is a ”soul doctor.” To avoid any misconceptions, participation is not about charity. Still, the process of participating demands sharing. The concept of offering has accompanied human societies for centuries, and people have found that this is rather calming for their soul since they can count themselves valuable, ”good,” and powerful; valuable because they provide value to the world, good because their intentions are good, and powerful because they have the ability to complete this gesture. All in all, participation and offer go far beyond what one can primarily imagine, and it is definitely worth giving it a try.

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

VP and News Editor
Alexandra Dimitropoulou is a VP and News Editor at CEOWORLD magazine, working to build and strengthen the brand’s popular, consumer-friendly content. In addition to running the company’s website, CEOWORLD magazine, which aims to help CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and other C-level executives get smarter about how they earn, save and spend their money, she also sits on the Board of Directors of the Global Business Policy Institute. She can be reached on email You can follow her on Twitter at @ceoworld.