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Otter PR Earns Company Culture Award

Otter Public Relations in Orlando, Florida
Otter Public Relations in Orlando, Florida

The culture that is created and fostered within organizations is integral to the continued satisfaction of its business, employees, and customers. Values such as integrity, honesty, and transparency are crucial components of a company’s culture and help drive its long-term success.

Each year, our team is presented with a multitude of companies that build and foster outstanding culture. Using our carefully-selected criteria, we measure which company has excelled in creating a winning culture that is exemplified through employee wellness and empowerment, paths for professional and personal growth, as well as customer satisfaction. For these reasons, we are pleased and proud to present the Company Culture Award for 2022 to Otter Public Relations in Orlando, Florida. 

Our investigative team engaged in a deep analysis of the company, reviewing the satisfaction of its clients and evaluating the role of its leadership and dedicated team members in making our decision. The results were sound across-the-board; Otter PR is a textbook definition of a company possessing outstanding culture, brought about in no small part by its transformational business model. Otter PR embodies the core elements of a successful business reliant on the culture of its people, making it a prime fit for 2022’s Company Culture Award. 

“This is a culture of ideas and thought-sharing,” said Scott Bartnick, Otter PR’s CEO and co-founder. “We never turn down a good idea and never shut down a bad idea. It is nice to be a part of something where we all feel confident, even compelled to speak our minds.” 

The company’s commitment to values such as fostering employee wellness and development, social responsibility, personal accountability, and DEI initiatives has helped propel the company — and its culture — into a thriving business for its employees and customers alike. Otter PR has abandoned the traditionally bureaucratic, hierarchical approach to leadership, cultivating an open environment where ideas are shared and supported irrespective of one’s title or position within the organizational chart. A commitment to excellence begins with a company’s framework, and Otter PR has not been shy about letting its employees know they matter as critical stakeholders to its continued success. 

Prior recipients of the Company Culture Award have routinely been defined as disruptors of traditional workplace culture, and Otter PR has woven this into every fabric of its operating model. As CEO, Bartnick ensures that the experience of working with this company highlights its core values such as promoting diversity and equitable inclusion, providing dynamic rewards for outstanding employees, and bringing an outstanding team mentality to embolden the voices of its clients. 

“This is a culture of being,” adds Bartnick. “It is a culture of acceptance where all have a place. We’ve only grown since our inception, and our culture is a key driver behind that.”

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Future of Work - Otter PR Earns Company Culture Award
Alexandra Dimitropoulou

Alexandra Dimitropoulou

VP and News Editor
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