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The Top 5 Most Gorgeous Palaces Of Europe

For all those who love the idea of revisiting the bygone era of kings and subjects, Europe has some amazing destinations up its sleeve. The architectural wonders are lit up with grandeur and elegance which makes them best for sightseeing. From the picturesque backdrop of beautiful gardens, opulent staircase, halls, and extravagant paintings these palaces are the perfect way to reminisce European culture. A huge testament to the passing time, the various palaces in Europe have an additional touch of elegance that separates them from the rest.

Here, we have named five such glorious castles which are a must-visit for every intrepid traveler.

  1. The Palace of Versailles, France
    The Palace of Versailles is also known as the most picturesque place in all of France. Such is the reputation of this piece of medieval architecture that it attracts over 10 million visitors every year. A testament to the French power, the marvelous palace is best for learning French history. And if you are someone least interested in turning the old pages of history, there are other areas of interest too. Visit the main palace which is home to 2,300 rooms along with the Hall of Mirrors and Royal Bed Chamber to see the opulence up close.
  2. Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna
    The lovely capital of Austria is known for its many delights out of which Schonbrunn Palace is one. The name of the palace itself has such an underlying meaning that translates to“beautiful spring”. One of the major highlights of the place is that it is located further from the city and served as a summer residence. Apart from the main building which is decked with architectural wonders, the gardens of the palace also are worth visiting. Visitors can take a walk through the huge fountains and Palmenhaus which is an amazing greenhouse. Make sure to visit this gorgeous site on your next trip to Vienna and you will cherish each moment of it.
  3. Buckingham Palace, London
    A well-known residence of the royal family of the United Kingdom, the Buckingham Palace is a marvelous sight. Although known for hosting many of the events and receptions held by the royal family members, the palace is open to visitors during summers. There are more than 775 rooms along with 92 offices and 78 bathrooms which make the palace worth visiting. Surrounded by a large arena in the front, the place remains on the brim of the bucket list for visitors.
  4. Alhambra, Granada
    Alhambra is also known as the most unique palace in Europe. The name of the place translates into “The Red One”. What makes the 12th-century old palace quite interesting is the different mix of cultures and architecture. The whole palace complex is surrounded by lovely gardens and Moorish grandeur which makes it furthermore appealing to the eye of onlookers. Situated on the hilltop of Granada city, the palace beckons everyone interested in learning and taking a quick sneak peek into Spanish history.
  5. The Pena National Palace, Sintra
    Sintra the beautiful town in Portugal has one of the most amazing pieces of architecture hidden away from the world. And if you are about to visit the place then the Pena National Palace must be in your itinerary. The palace is beautifully ornamented from all around which adds charm to its overall grandeur. Sitting atop the Sintra mountain, the place can be also viewed from Lisbon on a clear day. One of the finest examples of Portuguese extravagance the neo-renaissance architecture of the palace enhances its overall look and makes it even more appealing to the eyes.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - The Top 5 Most Gorgeous Palaces Of Europe
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