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Most Violent Cities In The World

Outside of active war zones, there are some cities that seem to have traditionally been involved with crime. Usually, big cities, where criminals can hide behind a large mass of people are the most popular destinations for groups of criminals that act in an organized way, as well as individuals who know that they are less likely to deal with the law for their illegal actions and activities. At the same time, poverty comes to add another reason to cause people to act violently. However, this is not a rule. There are places where even though people do not share the goods that the high class can enjoy they do not turn to crime. In the list of the world’s most dangerous cities, you will see that Latin America and Africa dominate. Asia may have poor places but the population has a more peaceful attitude, perhaps due to the religious background and the overall culture. Tourists and travelers who may leave their countries for business or pleasure need to have a clue.

Here is a list of the most violent cities:

  1. Tijuana, Mexico
    Tijuana is on the west side of North Mexico bordering the United States. The borders of this country had always been an issue. Some years ago it was Ciudad Juarez, now it is Tijuana. A lot of the criminal activity has to do with drug trafficking. Gangs try to dominate each other taking innocent lives along the way. As lovely as this sunny place maybe it is probably preferable to stay on the other side of the border in the United States. San Diego in the USA is equally beautiful and it is a super safe place to walk around. Besides, the roads are clean and many fun things to do can keep you busy while you enjoy your stay.
  2. Caracas, Venezuela
    Caracas in Venezuela and Tijuana in Mexico, have been competing over which city will push things to the edges more. Again drugs are a big industry here. Many people are being involved around it and only the homicides three years ago were close to 3.000! Well, capital of Venezuela and capital of murder as well. The ”barrios,” small and poor neighborhoods are rarely patrolled by police and you shouldn’t consider paying a visit to see what real life in Venezuela looks like. It is better to stay at tourist places and walk around in the daytime.
  3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Rio de Janeiro together with El Salvador is extremely dangerous. In 2014 Brazil hosted the Mundial after South Africa in 2010. In an attempt to make the city look nice for the tourists, the government spends enormous amounts on construction in the center leaving other areas starving to death. The problem came as an addition to the extreme poverty population suffered already. Life completely lost its value in the big city and locals turned to crime even more. Tourists and people from other countries were always an easy catch. Not because no one would search for them but because they were less suspicious and prejudiced against locals.
  4. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
    South Africa carries a sad history of violence. Europeans have taken advantage of the country’s population in the past and hate has grown against those who mistreated them and in many cases, they still do. It may sound crazy but racism across South Africa is an existing issue. Pietermaritzburg and Pretoria are among the world’s most violent cities. For the locals, apart from the fact that foreigners worth to be robbed and maybe killed because they are likely to carry a considerable amount of money in their pockets being violent to them will not cause great issues. Police will get them in trouble, but they will not have to deal with other locals from different gangs, which is the most crucial that in their case. The scenery reminds also civil war as there are gangs that attack tourists at night while they are being armed. If you don’t spend your time at the tourist spots it is better to walk with locals who you trust to have some security and avoid wandering around along
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