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Global Consultancy Assuras Shaking Up The Industry with CEO Tyler King’s Unique Approach To Complex Problem Solving

It goes without saying that the consulting industry is one of tradition and utilizes the expertise and knowledge gained by those who have often had a long tenure in their respective fields. This can prove advantageous when it comes to gathering information and skills from people with many years of experience, but it also has its downfalls.

This industry is not entitled to some exception to the pitfalls of human psychology. Groupthink still happens. People get in their ways of thinking and fail to consider alternative perspectives. And fatally, often those with tenure have elevated egos, which have rightly been gain over the years through numerous successes. However, shouldn’t the consulting industry consider ideas outside the norm? It seems to be a paradox to the traditional line of thought.

The Next Generation Of Consultants

Assuras, is a direct response to an industry obsessed with buzzwords and outmoded methodologies. “The goal of consulting is to share ideas and plan action to make one’s client better. By default, traditional consulting does this by sharing expertise through past experiences. Assuras approaches things differently. Our consultants question every assumption they encounter in the first place – usually some of the most creative solutions are found here. We want to know why something is done a certain way and if it is possible to do it another”, says Assuras CEO Tyler King.

“When conducting entrepreneurship classes, I teach that business is all about experimentation in the beginning stages. But this idea doesn’t end once a company grows to a certain size.”, continues Tyler, “In fact, going through these phases should be considered an unending process- testing ideas and trying new avenues to see what works best. Experiences may help guide you around some common pitfalls, but even they can’t predict what might work out best if it’s never been tried before.”

Imagine a consulting company that doesn’t spend all its time regurgitating buzzwords you’ve heard over and over again. As the next generation of consultants, Assuras decided to take the advice-giving business to new heights. Unlike traditional consulting firms that focus solely on past experience, they study their clients’ backgrounds to find out what works best for them, then start with a bottom-up approach.

Tyler King, Chief Executive Officer at Assuras, Inc.

A New Approach – Starting From The Bottom

Tyler King is the founder, as well as the CEO of Assuras, Inc. He knows how crucial it is to first identify where you’re staring at on the map before determining where you want to finish. He says, “Asking yourself where you want to go isn’t the answer. Figure out where you are now, and how to get there from there.”

The road map metaphor is a reference to Assuras’ order of operations when starting with a new client. Typically, consulting firms are hired by the executives at a company, and they begin by discussing the specific issues the company is currently facing. After being briefed by executives, the average consulting firm will work its way down to fully address executive concerns.

Assuras does things differently though; “For the first several weeks after engagement”, he says, ”we essentially ignore the executive staff, and don’t discuss any issues with them that might cause bias.”

When tasked with a new client, it can be difficult for consulting firms to know where to start. Some try to start from the top and meet one-on-one with executives about their business goals and success. Others take an opposite approach and dive straight into discussions about how they can help without meeting face-to-face for months.

Assuras takes an entirely different approach which has proven successful over time; instead of meeting face-to-face with the executives from day one, the team jumps straight into setting up meetings with employees who will be most impacted by changes coming out of those meetings.

During the first month, they get acquainted with all employees and contributors involved in accomplishing the organization’s goals. Thereafter, they started to observe and understand where the problems lay which includes finding out about both customer and staff grievances. They also examined every step of the process along with performing several conferences with our executives. Ultimately, Tyler King and his group presents a journey map of this whole workflow which helped highlight all issues that are present. This is important so we can have an accurate understanding of what needs fixing; there will always be things to fix, but being able to identify exactly what they are giving us hope that they will someday disappear completely.

“We take time getting to know all of the players and assess where they need help because we’re committed to finding solutions and bringing them back up again.” the young CEO states.

Tyler King, Chief Executive Officer at Assuras

Differences Made Through Failure

A large part of consulting relies on the experience and knowledge acquired over many years. Yet, human mentality remains stubborn in its own right – people are still prone to groupthink, they stagnate when it comes to considering alternatives and they’re often vulnerable to their own arrogance as they’ve achieved much success from their previous endeavors. But what if we were willing to explore new paths?

When it comes to the consulting industry, Assuras is always looking for new strategies. But many times people can be set in their ways of thinking; preferring what has worked before instead of considering new options. The result is groupthink where everyone agrees on something instead of exploring other possibilities. 

In a field where every possible outcome is up for discussion, it seems crazy not to consider possibilities beyond what one person says. In the world of business consulting, people often get caught up in their own perspective and forget about how others may see things too. The constant influx of new ideas can seem threatening to the person who is used to getting things done with old methods because they are so comfortable and confident in themselves, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard something else just because you don’t think it will work out.

Those with experience also have a tendency to overlook alternative perspectives because they are too focused on all they’ve accomplished in their time at the company or organization. Tyler King preaches that success only comes after failing. Failure is inevitable and it’s actually necessary to understand how to deal with it because this way they can save you time, money and disappointment in the long run. He wants his consultants not just to use the right solution but find the right solution – whatever that may be. So instead of settling on something that might work temporarily, he wants them to understand why something may work, what will happen if it doesn’t work out or what would happen if they tried something else which could also lead them closer to finding the best solution there is.

Assuras consultants are never afraid to try out new concepts and ideas. They’ve learned all about failing smart too; learning from their mistakes quickly and at a low cost means they can come up with innovative solutions before anyone else – sometimes even doing it at a cheaper price than everyone else!

Tyler King, Chief Executive Officer at Assuras, Inc.

Focusing On The Larger Picture

Just solving today’s problems isn’t enough for Assuras. “Being proactive about solving today’s problems is not enough”, said Tyler. “I want to look ahead and plan for what my clients need–even when they don’t know they’ll need it.”

A New York City associate consultant expressed this nicely when he stated, “Status quo has never existed for us at Assuras. We are all empowered people ready to take action, find solutions, and make a true difference out there in the world; we aren’t just sitting back waiting for things to happen. No matter how difficult the problem may seem we know that together – with effort – we can surpass them”

Assuras hires people to do things differently. The people at the company believe that not only are you able to change the world but it’s their job- it’s what they were meant for. These aren’t people looking for a paycheck- these are people who want to leave an impact on society and make this place an even better place than it already is.

In addition to doing their day jobs, many people at Assuras take on exciting and fulfilling side projects. For example, CEO Tyler King started his own nonprofit organization because he had seen the criminal justice system up close and personal and wanted to make a difference. Many individuals also hold volunteer board positions and mentor startups without pay.

Expertise can be useful, but what do you do when it no longer holds up? There was once a time when people turned to experts for advice on every topic imaginable- but in today’s world of uncertainty and flux, there need to be new experts rising up constantly. So where are these new voices going to come from if not from the professionals in consulting– professionals who have often had long tenures working in their respected field already? Shouldn’t firms need to consult with the unfamiliar people around them before getting lost deep inside themselves? Isn’t too much success among traditional practices making them forget about looking outwards and gathering fresh ideas at every moment? Assuras takes a new spin on traditional consulting and it is proving highly successful for the company and its clients.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Global Consultancy Assuras Shaking Up The Industry with CEO Tyler King’s Unique Approach To Complex Problem Solving
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