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What Students Should Not Do On LinkedIn

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Today, LinkedIn has become a primary community of professionals from all over the world. With the Internet being flooded with numerous social media forums for socializing, LinkedIn offers a more sophisticated platform for professionals to socialize and arrange interactions that further their and others’ academic and professional interests. It is the place where there are endless opportunities to connect with the ever-growing community, but you must use it right to avail of these benefits. Students are increasingly occupying spaces on LinkedIn. They have understood that a thriving academic and career environment expects effective networking. LinkedIn, thus, serves as a good platform for them to participate in networking and use it to their advantage. Yet, there are some things you must keep in mind while working on LinkedIn.

Here are 5 things students must never do on LinkedIn:

  1. Be inactive on LinkedIn
    If you thought people would start visiting your profile the moment you create it, then you just don’t know how the platform works. LinkedIn works on the principle of active networking which includes searching professionals, sending introductory emails, recommending skills, and whatnot. You are also expected to keep updating your credentials on your profile or else it will become redundant. Ensure that you interact with your connections through regular posts. Reply to their posts to keep in touch and stay in prominence.
  2. Lack of efforts in making connections
    Another thing you must know about LinkedIn is that it improves the visibility of a profile based on a number of factors one of them being making active connections. You need to know people so that they can know you. On LinkedIn, you are not necessarily required to know the person you want to connect with. If you want to connect with your favorite author, you can. As your network of connections grows, more people will visit your profile. You will be in close contact with professionals and students all over and can readily contact them for whatsoever purpose. That being said, you shouldn’t mindlessly send requests to the whole world. Only connect with the people pertinent to your profile.
  3. Not writing back recommendations
    Your fellow batchmates and friends will often ask you to write recommendations on LinkedIn. Recommendations work like testimonials; they indicate that the person writing the recommendation for you knows you well enough to recommend you to professionals out there. However, if all you do is send requests for recommendations to them and not write one back for them, then you are not using LinkedIn right. Mutual support to boost each other’s profiles is essential to have a thriving community.
  4. Posting casual media
    LinkedIn is strictly professional, and you are expected to follow its ways. This is not Instagram or Snapchat where you can post whatever selfies or vacation photos. Over here, it is expected that you share only those photos and videos that concern your academic or professional activities. Of course, some people continue posting unfiltered media on LinkedIn but those who are serious about tapping the platform’s potential should be mindful of what they post. You are going on a beach vacation with your friends, aren’t you? Great! Keep the pictures for Instagram! This reminds me of one almost blasphemous thing: putting up a display picture that is fancy, casual, and anything but professional. It is advised that you take a picture against a simple, plain background and good lighting. Wear formals and face the camera. Stand upright so that your shoulders are stiff and not slouched. Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume that the world gets to see. Just imagine how you would feel when someone submits their CV with a photo of theirs in a party dress and in a bar.
  5. Sending applications without updating profile
    Throughout your university life, you will get many opportunities to apply for internships. Many companies invite applications on LinkedIn and accept the LinkedIn profile as your resume. To ensure that they know what you are up to and are capable of, your profile must stay updated. Double-check the contents of the profile before sending in any application. Once submitted, you cannot change anything. Hence, whenever there is anything to add to the profile, do not delay the task.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Insider - What Students Should Not Do On LinkedIn
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