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Top Flying Schools In Europe

The aviation industry is gaining popularity and importance gradually and so does aviation training. High education is crucial for all those who are related to aviation in any way, whether they are crew members, dispatchers, or maintenance officers. Hence, it’s vital to choose the aviation training center that provides all the requirements, including theoretical and practical knowledge.

Here are some suggestions on where to study:

  1. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy
    CAE Oxford is a huge network for ab initio aviation training. Its flying school is providing training to professional airline pilots for decades. CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is considered to be the best aviation school, as (as per a survey) 4 out of 10 students would opt for it. Its Airline Pilot Programme First Officer course is a comprehensive full-time Joint Aviation Authorities/European Aviation Safety Agency (JAA/EASA) course that makes the candidate complete 1500 hours in a multi-pilot environment. The main focus of the aviation academy is to train young pilots who have no prior flight experience. It keeps offering various training courses to polish the cadets’ skills and amplify the qualifications required for their chosen pilot career, whether it’s jet handling skills or being a flight instructor.
  2. BAA Training
    With 20 years of experience in professional aviation training, BAA Training secures its position in the top 3 biggest independent aviation training centers in the continent. The center has its headquarter in Vilnius (Lithuania) and operates throughout the globe as an approved training organization. This ab initio school has its flight bases in Lithuania and Spain with more than 310 students in its fleet of 22 aircraft. While operating 4 full-flight simulators at its headquarter, BAA Training is planning to add 2 more in a couple of months. This aviation training center excels in providing customized training and through its exclusive training and online training courses; the academy produces around 1,000 aviation professionals every year, belonging to more than 95 countries.
  3. Airbus Training Center
    Situated in Blagnac, Airbus Training Center is one of the few centers of Airbus, a European aerospace company that is approved by civil aviation authority and is specifically designed for providing airline pilot and engineer training. The training center is spread worldwide which allows its clients/customers to choose the place, time, and manner of getting trained. The center provides more than 300 training courses for all major types of aircraft and profiles, including engineers, maintenance, crew, pilot, etc. The Airbus Training Centre is approved by all the major authorities and agencies; Federal Aviation Administration, Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority, the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and Qatar Civil Aviation Authority are just to name a few.
  4. CTC Aviation
    CTC Aviation, an internationally approved training organization, is a top-notch civil aviation training company that trains around 2,000 persons every year to serve more than 50 global airlines. Founded in the year 1995 by a proficient team of professional pilots, CTC Aviation provides comprehensive training for all stages and profiles, right from the entry-level to the highest one. It has made CTC Aviation one of the largest independent airline pilot training companies in the world. All its trainers are fully dedicated, experienced, and highly trained professionals. Commitment, professionalism, and excellence are its patents.
  5. Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH
    The authenticity of Lufthansa Aviation Training is proven by the fact that it is the outcome of a merger of two leading flight training companies- Lufthansa Flight Training and Swiss Aviation Training. Two leading companies combined to give their best. The company is all set to become a full-service provider crew members, pilots, and airline companies. Its high-quality and efficient process-oriented approach makes the training center bring out innovative, creative, and personalized training solutions for its clients. Its exclusive devices for flight training frame the training conditions requisite for safe flight operations.
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