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5 Reasons for CEOs to Earn a Master of Public Policy and Leadership (MPPL) Degree

Becoming one of the most successful CEOs in your industry is an admirable aspiration to have but it’s one that can come with plenty of challenges, especially if you’re not adequately educated on policy-making beforehand.

Learning how to devise and utilize a new policy isn’t a process that should be left up to trial and error because even a single violation of company protocol can lead to significant lapses in productivity and profitability.

As a CEO, it’s your job to ensure that employees are performing optimally and resources are being properly allocated towards pertinent investments and growth strategies. With that said, here are 5 reasons why every CEO can enhance their careers by earning an MPPL degree:

Proving an Academic Understanding of Leadership

All organizations expect their CEOs to serve two primary functions — 1) pushing progress forward through enforcement of accountability, and 2) protecting against losses and suboptimal performance through the implementation of sound policies.

While having a growth-oriented attitude helps to serve the first of the two aforementioned functions, building a policy-oriented mindset helps to prevent workforce faults, financial shortcomings, and other kinds of common business failures.

By earning an online Masters in Public Policy and Leadership from an accredited school like Pepperdine, you’ll be showing prospective employers that you’ve learned all of the critical concepts and skills required to keep a company moving in the right direction.

Developing the Ability to Implement Effective Policies and Protocols

Having a degree that shows you’re an expert in public policy and leadership is a nice face value benefit that can help you during a job search but once you’re firmly rooted in your position as a CEO, you’ll need to exercise your newfound skills via the creation of progressive policies within the organization that hires you.

Earning a master in Public Policy and Leadership will ensure that you’ll have the confidence needed to guide and direct large groups, panels, and even entire communities with absolute precision. You’ll also learn how to avoid legal, financial, and morale-related problems by developing policies that are effective yet still humane and considerate of all involved parties.

Adding an Administrative Credential to Your Resume

Job experience and a bachelor’s degree can get you in the door for many managerial positions but a masters degree relevant to policy-making is the kind of authoritative credential that hiring managers look for when scouting talent for higher ranking positions.

An MPPL is also an ideal degree type to pursue if you’re considering government-related administrative jobs or an entry into politics later in your career.

With a degree path that only takes two years to complete through full-time study, students can look forward to having a masters degree on their resume in a much shorter timespan than other masters degree programs which can take 4-8 years to graduate from.

Equipping Your Company with Optimal Organization

Behind every successful corporation or agency lies a set of effective policies that take all aspects of resource management into account. Whether you’re the CEO of your own company or the head honcho at a large firm, your job as the chief in charge should always be to operate in the best interest of the business. As a professional policy maker, you’ll have the ability to accurately assess and deploy human resources. With enhanced organization comes greater efficiency and efficacy across the board.

As a CEO who specializes in public policy, you will have a keen understanding of how to perpetuate a mindset of meticulousness in all of the secondary leaders who operate under your guidance.

By leveraging your authority at the top to implement powerful policies, you can ensure that optimal organization becomes a contagious trait. This by-the-book mentality will eventually trickle down the chain of command into the habits of every associate until it becomes engrained with the company culture.

Becoming Eligible for Exclusive Positions at Larger Corporations and Government Agencies

If your goal is to propel your career forward with a move in a new direction, a masters in Public Policy and Leadership can make you a considerable candidate for high-level jobs at some of the world’s largest and most powerful organizations. The connections and opportunities you can discover with this degree under your belt are well worth the 48 months it takes to graduate, as you could wind up with an influential spot in the government or even a Fortune 500 company.

Traditionally, most public policy degree holders have gone into governmental and non-profit sectors. However, recently there have been many established corporations and promising startups that have begun hiring CEOs who specialize in policy development to account for the ongoing increase in mandatory requirements being imposed on the private sector by governing bodies.

Maintaining compliance with all laws and regulations is an essential responsibility of any company that aims to avoid unnecessary legal expenses and negative publicity. An MPPL makes you a go-to professional when it comes to hiring new talent that will facilitate a broad restructuring of company operations in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

What Other Kinds of Jobs Can You Get With an MPPL?

If you’re looking for a degree that will extend your employment eligibility beyond the role of chief executive officer, a master in Public Policy and Leadership can give you the skills needed to fill a variety of positions across numerous industries. Here’s a short list of job titles you can pursue with an MPPL:

  • Government relations specialist
  • Corporate program analyst or administrator
  • Legal analyst
  • Political campaign manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Business consultant
  • Human resource manager

In addition to the above job titles, you can look forward to being favored for any position that could benefit from a specialization in designing policies and protocols. Company owners and program directors want to see stability in the form of predictable progress and consistently favorable outcomes, and those are the exact benefits you can bring to the table with a strong focus on policy development and implementation.

Finally, as a bonus benefit, it’s worth noting that the concepts you’ll learn while earning an MPPL will instil in you a level of discipline and procedural thinking that can help you reach new levels of inspiration and productivity in your personal life.

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