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Top Destinations In Southeast Asia To Pursue Higher Education

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Southeast Asia is rapidly becoming an attractive destination for those looking to pursue higher education. Every year there is an increase in the number of courses being offered at their universities and international students are flying in to get their dream jobs. If you are looking for Southeast Asia destinations for higher studies then you have found the right place!
In the present article, we will be talking about the top destinations in Southeast Asia where you can go for your higher education. We take into account various factors like ease of access, finances, courses offered, and their reputation, etc., and prepare a list of the top candidates for you to choose from.

Let’s see them in detail:

  1. Singapore
    The culture of Singapore is a major factor in deciding its top spot on our list. Incoming students face no difficulty in adjusting to the welcoming atmosphere of the city. The city is ideal for English peaking residents it has four official languages of which English is one. On the academic front, the students get to choose from thousands of courses taught at its many universities. The colleges of Singapore are ranked amongst the best not only in Southeast Asia but also in the world. A career-oriented student should make the country their top pick as many MNCs operate in the city and choose their employees from the ranks of Singapore’s colleges.
  2. China
    As the world’s second-largest economy, there are plenty of academic and career opportunities in the country. Mandarin Chinese is also gaining importance as a second language for professionals as many companies are looking east for their business needs. Choosing China as your higher education haven will allow you to cash in on both these opportunities. Another benefit that international students avail themselves of in the country is the low cost of living. As a student, you can also opt to work part-time and supplement your allowance. It adds weight to your CV and allows you to experience the local culture, both of which contribute to your personal development. The quality of teaching is at par with some of the best universities around the world.
  3. Malaysia
    One of the friendliest nations on earth, its capital city Kuala Lumpur was voted as the easiest city to live in as an outsider. The local people are welcoming and friendly and offer support and guidance to foreigners. The natural beauty of the place is breathtaking and only adds to the argument in favor of choosing Malaysia as your destination for higher education. The cost of living is low and those coming from abroad will be able to settle in without any strain on their financial resources. As an educational hub, Malaysia ranks in the top fifty nations around the world. And if gaining exposure and networking is your aim, then Malaysia is your top pick for the job.
  4. Thailand
    For the more adventurous of students for whom academics are not the only thing on their list, Thailand is the perfect opportunity to fulfill their desires. Offering quality education, exposure, and adventure in equal measure, Thailand attracts thousands of foreign students every year. Though you might not find the presence of many international companies in the nation, it makes up for the lack of corporate exposure by providing vibrant and breathtaking nature destinations. As a student, you will find the place welcoming and easy to settle in. The cost of living is not high and you can manage to explore the local culture while pursuing your academics.
  5. India
    Home to some of the finest educational institutions in the world, India is a treat for those looking to grow and explore while pursuing their higher education. Along with world-class teaching faculty, you also get to interact with a lot of people from a lot of different cultures. It adds to your personal development and makes you ready for working in an immersive environment where new challenges need to be handled daily. The cost of living is not high as the exchange rate works in the favor of all major economies across the world. India is also well connected with all major cities across the world so getting here to and from your city should not be difficult. As a hub of information and technology, India has plenty to offer on the job front too.
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