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How To Obtain Citizenship In Thailand?

Thailand (the Land of Smiles) is located in the middle region of Southeast Asian regions. Being part of BIMSTEC, Thailand is enumerated as one of the most favorable tourist attractions worldwide. From islands, heavenly beaches, a friendly atmosphere, phenomenal wildlife, extended topography, and pleasing natural habitat, the country stands out for its geographical distinction. BIMSTEC comprises Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Thailand.

However, acquiring citizenship in Thailand is the stepping stone to obtaining various benefits and rights, which is why many individuals apply for it. With the help of Thailand’s nationality, every foreigner can buy and own the property and acquire the freedom to move around the country.

People can apply for their Thai citizenship in various ways, which are birth, descent, marriage, and naturalization. So, let’s look into the various ways to obtain citizenship in Thailand.

How To Become A Citizen Of Thailand

As discussed above, one can become a citizen of Thailand in various ways some are discussed below:

  1. Birth And Descent: According to Thai laws, a person can obtain citizenship if the child is born to one or both Thai parents regardless of their birthplace. The parent of the child can apply for their citizenship without any restriction.
  2. Marriage: A person can apply for their citizenship without any restriction if their spouse is a citizen of Thailand. However, a person needs to accomplish some requirements to acquire citizenship. These are:
    – Individuals must live in Thailand for 3 consecutive years and hold their Permanent Residency permit.
    – A person must have three years of marriage and live together when applying for citizenship.
    – Moreover, a person must also show their minimum monthly income of 40,000 baht, maintain tax payments and hold a work permit for three years.
  3. Naturalization: According to Thai laws under the 1913 Nationality Act, a foreigner has the right to obtain Thai citizenship by naturalization if they live there for at least 5 uninterrupted years. A resident must hold their permanent residence permit after 5 years of living in Thailand to get their nationality. However, the following are the various requirements to qualify to become a citizen of Thailand.

    – A person must have lived in Thailand for approximately 5 years and hold their PR permit.
    – Individuals must be above the age of 17.
    – One should have shown knowledge of the Thai language.
    – A person must have not created any offense and have no criminal record.
    – A person has Thailand’s work permit.
    – One must be able to sign the National Anthem of Thailand.
    One must qualify for the test and have to attain 50 points.
    One should have to submit all the official documents attached with the application form and specific fees.

Time Frame And Procedure

The overall time taken to process Thailand citizenship is between 6 and 12 months. The application gets approved only after a person submits all the official documents and qualifies for the Score Based System. Afterward, the Ministry of Thailand issues a citizenship permit and passport to the individual.

Benefits Of Acquiring Thai Citizenship

Apart from fascinating natural beauty, and freedom to live, study, and work in Thailand, a person can also enjoy various beneficial rights after becoming a citizen of Thailand. Thus, the following are some benefits of having Thai citizenship.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - How To Obtain Citizenship In Thailand?
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