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Top Asian Universities In Humanities And Arts

The National University of Singapore (NUS)

It won’t be long when Asian universities top the international rankings. According to recent rankings, a significant number of them have performed exceptionally well internationally and have effectively pulled behind the traditional seat-takers on the list. Universities in the west have been historically dominant because of varied reasons, especially their vast resources and timely responses to academic necessities. Today, however, Asian universities have begun experimenting with their Higher Education systems of which they have reaped great results.
One such area where Asian universities have been performing well is Arts & Humanities, a domain largely a factor of appeal in the universities in the west. If you are thinking of pursuing a course in Arts & Humanities, then you should consider a few top Asian universities as well.

We have mentioned a few here for you to check out:

  1. National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
    One of the fast-growing universities in the world, NUS is a research university that is the oldest such institution in the country. It is known for its well-curated course structure, diversity of students, and international faculty members from reputed backgrounds. Its academic organization comprises several schools and faculties including the NUS Business School, the School of Computing, the School of Design and Environment, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Engineering, and of course, the Faculty of Arts & Humanities. To stimulate a learning environment, research is highly promoted in the university through its various centers such as the Centre for Instructional Technology and the Centre for English Language Communication.

  2. The University of Tokyo (Todai), Japan
    Arguably the best-ranked university in Japan, the University of Tokyo is the first imperial university that was founded in the year 1877. Known for its highly selective criteria, it has trained very talented students who have gone on to gain laurels for the university and the country. Presently, there are 10 faculties which include the Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Law, and the Faculty of Medicine. An array of graduate programs are offered through its many graduate schools such as the Graduate School of Public Policy and the Graduate School of Science. In terms of research, it is top-rated, receives the largest pool of funds from the government, and has produced research that has been cited among the world’s largest.

  3. The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    Founded way back in the year 1911, the University of Hong Kong is a globally reputed public research university in Hong Kong. It is known for harboring diverse student communities and administers courses through select international professors and professionals. There are 10 faculties in total which include those of dentistry, business administration, humanities, law, social work, linguistics, and science. One of the most attractive features of the university is that most courses are instructed in English which makes it easier for international students to participate. Its research output is brilliant and among the largest cited in the world.

  4. Seoul National University, South Korea
    The pride and honor of the South Korean Higher Education System, Seoul National University is a flagship national university founded to steer the country towards development. Reports state that it is among those universities that spend the most on their students. Those interested in applying to the university have numerous colleges and schools to consider such as the College of Humanities, College of Education, College of Nursing, College of Veterinary Medicine, College of Music, Graduate School of Data Science, School of Law, School of Medicine, and Graduate School of Engineering Practice. For encouraging its students to expand their horizons, it has entered into partnerships with many renowned institutions such as the University College London.

  5. Peking University, China
    Welcome a C9 League university, Peking University is a highly coveted institution of higher education in China. Founded as the Imperial University of Peking in the year 1898, it now ranks as one of the top universities in Asia and the world. It has a highly comprehensive academic structure comprising several schools and colleges. These include the School of Mathematical Sciences, School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, School of International Studies, School of Government, and the School of Foreign Languages. There are a handful of well-respected institutes that undertake interdisciplinary research such as the Institute of Social Science Survey and Beijing International Centre for Mathematical Research.

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