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Best Place To Retire In Each State

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Retirement time is considered by many the best phase of life. All your hard work and patience pay off and you are finally set to embrace life on your terms. However, to make sure that your plans morph into reality, it is important to find the right place for settling down.

Here we unveil 10 places that will help kickstart your second-innings with ease.

  1. Auburn
    The first name to feature on our list is a small city in Alabama. The college town of Auburn is centered around the University of the same name and is situated at the foothills of Appalachian Mountain. What makes Auburn the best place to retire is the diverse population, low crime rate, and state income tax benefits on pension income.
  2. Eureka
    One of the most charming cities in the whole of California, Eureka is blessed with diversity. The eccentric mix of modern culture sprinkled with a colorful downtown makes the locale even more special. Apart from all these delights, Eureka also has median home prices and no inheritance and state income tax which makes it best for retirement.
  3. Gulf Shores
    Gulf Shores has a reputation for being the best beachfront town in the Gulf of Mexico. But apart from that, it is also a retirement haven for people. From the cost of living, median home prices, and low crime rate, and no state or inheritance tax this is one of the places for successful aging.
  4. Sacramento
    Sacramento is another interesting place to live after retirement. The former sixth capital of the state of California is a blend of multiple cultures which makes it different. Apart from that, median home price, cost of living, no state income tax, and good economy, make it best for the second innings of life.
  5. Homer
    Homer is a picturesque city in Alaska which is often referred to as “Cosmic Hamlet of the Sea”. Also known as the southernmost town on the Alaskan Highway, Homer has a mild climate which makes it best for people. Apart from that, the other distinctive features include no inheritance tax, a low crime rate, and a high number of physicians per state. All these together make it a perfect place to enjoy retirement life.
  6. Fayetteville
    Fayetteville is a college town in the state of Arkansas. The funky town is also known as “Athens of the Ozarks and is best for enjoying successful aging. From amenities such as median home prices to favorable taxation of pension income, Fayetteville is another place to enjoy life after retirement.
  7. Anchorage
    Anchorage is one of the biggest cities in Alaska and home to over 300,000 population. Also, a picture-perfect place to make a successful foray into life after retirement, there are several amenities for citizens. The good air quality, median home price, and cost of living together contribute and help you enjoy a blissful life.
  8. Bella Vista
    Bella Vista is located in the scenic surroundings of the Ozark Mountains. A short drive from Missouri will land you onto this nature’s heaven which has a moderate climate and good air quality. Apart from this, the factors which favor retirement life are favorable state taxation of pension income and low crime rate.
  9. Green Valley
    Green valley is another beautiful city in the state of Arizona. Blessed with a total population of 32,000, the locale has a low crime rate, no state inheritance tax, and good air quality which makes it best for life after retirement.
  10. Sun City
    A yet another destination in Arizona that tops as a favorite place for retirement is Sun city. Blessed with a low crime rate, no income tax on social earnings, and a good economy, the place is for those who love to lead a peaceful second inning.
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