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Why Cultivating Opportunities For Young Talent is Essential For Your Business

Courtney LeMarco

Stale, archaic, and obsolete. Those words are often used to describe companies whose methodology is centered on keeping things as always, especially regarding an aging workforce. However, as a business owner and entrepreneur, I’ve found that a company’s greatest asset can, at times, be found in its younger team members.

I’ve worked with countless firms, large corporations, government agencies, and small businesses, and I have seen firsthand the benefits of promoting younger employees. Here are some of my top reasons why it’s essential to provide opportunities to young talent.

Knowledge of the Latest Technology & Trends

Technology is constantly changing at what seems to be light speed. NFTs, the metaverse, cryptocurrency, and blockchain are some of the newest technological innovations in the headlines daily.

It can be a daunting task to understand what these technologies are and even more intimidating trying to figure out how to integrate them into a company’s toolkit.

Businesses benefit significantly by working with young talent when using these technologies. Younger staffers are quick to adapt to changes, have a clearer understanding of their intricacies, and better know how these technologies can be utilized to a company’s benefit.

Creative Inspiration and Innovation

Successful businesses have to be innovative in a competitive market. They need new ideas and inspiration to drive future revenue and spur new growth.

In my experience, younger team members often present some of the best ideas. They have a fresh perspective and are unencumbered by the traditional way of doing things. They are willing to learn, want to make a good impression, and contribute to and be an asset to a company’s growth.

Young workers are full of ideas that can help them breathe new life into a company’s internal and external offerings.

Positive Energy and Drive

It has been said many times that a positive attitude goes a long way. I’ve seen companies suffer from a lack of action from older employees who have checked out mentally.

Everyone is entitled to have a bad day because life happens. But a consistently bad attitude is a sign that someone has checked out and is more of a liability to an organization than an asset.

When young employees are given opportunities, they resonate with positive energy that can spread and lift everyone’s spirit. This energy, in turn, translates to better performance from everyone on the team.

Promoting the Adaptation of Sustainable Policies

Sustainability has been on the global corporate agenda for the past decade. It also weighs heavily on the minds of the vast majority of young workers who will eventually inherit this earth.

When you allow young workers to contribute to your company’s sustainability initiative, you instill trust in them and create an environment where they strive to perform at a higher level. The care and opportunities provided can turn them from average workers into assets and ambassadors. 

We’ve moved far past the days of just focusing on recycling and reducing waste in the office place. There are countless ways that companies reduce their carbon footprint, use less fuel, and avoid commuting to the office.

In a post-pandemic environment, young workers have thrived and are helping to change corporate culture to allow companies to become more sustainable for generations to come.

Extending a Company’s Legacy

When young staffers are treated well, promoted, and are allowed to be heard, they become loyal and want to help take the company to new heights. They’re eager to make their mark and show what they can bring to the table.

They also share their love for the company culture, which is a major recruiting asset in the era of social media. The culture is not the company’s product but its people, and that is how you build strong teams and create a corporate legacy that will live on for many years.

As a CEO, when I look back at my days as a young employee, I’m incredibly grateful for the employers who saw my potential and allowed me to shine and grow. I learned a lot about business, and I continue to utilize those talents to this very day. The opportunities I had helped me build companies that generate millions in revenue.

Today I seek out young talent to add to our team so that I can do my part in building the next generation of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Business leaders in all industries will reap untold benefits by providing young workers with opportunities to excel. It’s a brilliant move for the business, the employees, and ultimately the consumer. And there’s nothing better than a business where everyone wins.

Written by Courtney LeMarco.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - Why Cultivating Opportunities For Young Talent is Essential For Your Business
Courtney LeMarco
Courtney LeMarco is the Founder and CEO of LeMarco Global, LLC, a Seattle-based brand management and investment firm with interests in multiple industries including entertainment, advertising, fashion, and consumer products. A California native, LeMarco has over 25 years of experience in business development and management, having built multiple successful companies throughout his career. His client list includes some of the biggest brands and organizations in the world such as A&E Networks, Neiman Marcus, Amazon, Conde Nast, Disney, and The United States Department of Defense.

LeMarco is the Executive Producer and Showrunner of the Emmy nominated non-scripted series Hoarders on A&E, and Executive Producer of the upcoming film Long Gone Heroes starring Ben Kingsley and Guy Pearce. He is also the CEO and Founder of MOTSI, a beauty and lifestyle brand that offers clean skincare, cosmetics, sustainable swimwear, and more. Courtney is a member of the Producers Guild of America. He currently lives in Seattle and maintains corporate offices in Los Angeles, New York, Austin, Atlanta, and Tokyo.

Courtney LeMarco is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.