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Top Colleges To Learn Fitness And Nutrition In Germany 

RWTH Aachen Campus, Germany

Obesity is a major problem affecting adults today. If we take the world’s population into account, then around 30% of people can be sectioned into obese and overweight categories each. Due to this aspect, there is an urgent requirement for coaches who can train and motivate people to lose weight. Apart from that, another reason why you should opt for a fitness career is due to its rewarding experience.

So, if you also fall in the category of people who can motivate the public towards fitness, then this career is for you.

  1. TUM School of Life Sciences
    TUM School of Life Sciences has a Master’s degree in Nutrition and biomedicine. The course focuses and covers an interdisciplinary approach to topics related to health and nutrition. With an overall focus on the prevention, development, and treatment of complex diseases, the degree is best applied in today’s world. Also, another area of the approach of the whole discipline lies in obesity, type 2 diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, and cancer. The whole course is divided over four semesters and is accompanied by a thesis, internships, and a wide range of electives. Once your degree is done candidates can find professional experience in food and pharmaceutical companies.
  2. RWTH Aachen University
    Established in 1870, Aachen University focuses on training individuals in the line of fitness. A degree from the school of learning lends a helping hand if you want to carve a niche as a fitness trainer. The course is accompanied by basic exercises, strength, and mobility, which are backed by theoretical and practical components. What’s more interesting is that RWTH has 9 research centers that are embedded with the academic legacy of the institution. With such a profound learning experience at your disposal, it becomes easy to pursue your dreams in the fitness sphere.
  3. Saarland University
    Saarland University has given fitness and nutrition a new meaning through its well-etched course. The institute focuses on elite-level sports which have both medicine and psychology inculcated in them. Candidates who take up the discipline are taught performance physiology, injury prevention, and sports nutrition. On the other hand, the university also teaches endurance training and anti-doping measures, which are important aspects of fitness too. After the successful completion of the course, candidates can find opportunities in the global market including sports associations, and federations. With such immense exposure, the institute serves as a perfect launchpad for people.
  4. University of Marburg
    The University of Marburg is acclaimed as one of the oldest institutes in the world. Ever since its inception in 1527, the learning center has been a hub for students from all regions. What makes the university different is that it offers various tailor-made classes for students. Currently, the center of learning has over 26,000 students and partners with several universities across the globe for providing better learning opportunities. From student exchange programs to study abroad programs, the college is fit for all who want to forge ahead in the career path of fitness and nutrition.
  5. University of Bayreuth
    The University of Bayreuth is a step ahead of all other institutes aiming to teach nutrition as a discipline. The center of learning addresses problems on a global stage and imparts interdisciplinary skills to incorporate those. In addition to theoretical knowledge, what makes the institute different is that the program combines health sciences, nutrition, and economical aspects. Candidates who take up the course are taught the importance of food and a way to curb diet-related diseases. From research on global crises to finding placement with international companies, the university acts as a cornerstone for your career ahead.
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