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Top 5 Colleges To Study Animal Rights In The USA

Fall at the University of Virginia

Almost all the countries have provisions to safeguard the rights of people from ages but the same is not the case with animals. Just because they can’t express themselves, doesn’t mean their rights need not be safeguarded. Owing to this understanding, various schools across the globe have come up with programs on animal rights. This ensures that animal rights are considered and human beings shall behave accordingly.

The United States of America has numerous colleges for studying animal rights, the top ones are mentioned below:

  1. Lewis & Clark Law School
    Since 1992, Lewis & Clark Law School has been leading in animal law education. It provides education to animal law students and even certain professionals who are interested in animal law. It organizes classes, conferences, programs for the scholarship, and clinical exposure to support them. The Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) screens the interests of animals and ensures that these are considered in the legal system as well. The school does its best in providing top-notch education about this much-concerned topic to the upcoming generation. The school offers a large-scale curriculum on animal laws through a plethora of courses on animal-related issues.
  2. University of Virginia
    The University of Virginia established the Animal Law Program in the year 2009. It not only offers animal law classes and helps students find the requisite trainings related to animal law but also introduces illustrious orators and sponsors writing competitions for graduate students. The program also inculcates in the students, keen interest in the ethics and laws of the human relationship with animals. It exposes the students to theoretical as well as practical legal experiences in animal law and it is even visited by the famed speakers who belong to the areas of animal rights, law, and welfare.
  3. University of Pennsylvania
    The University of Pennsylvania is undoubtedly one of the recognized universities for animal rights not only in the USA but in the whole world. Its research centers are known for the advancements in various fields of animals like diseases, medicines, neuroscience, etc. The Center for the Interaction of Animals and Society (CIAS) was introduced in order to provide a platform to address the moral and practical issues that arise due to the animal-human interaction. Their online graduate certificate program also enables the students with an extensive overview of issues like animal behavior, their welfare, the interaction between human beings and animals, etc.
  4. Georgetown University
    Georgetown University is nowhere behind in the field of animal laws. The university’s Law Center, in coordination with The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), offered two new animal law initiatives in the year 2007. The animal protection litigation seminars organized by the university benefit the students dually. Firstly, it lets them earn academic credit, and secondly, it lets them work with the HSUS legal staff on animal cruelty cases. Moreover, the University also provides the students with an opportunity to do a one-year job with the Humane Society after completing their graduation.
  5. Harvard Law School
    One of the leading law schools in the United States of America, Harvard University started an animal law course in its Law School in the year 1999. The establishment of the new Animal Law & Policy Clinic is already being announced by the school. The clinic renders the students first-hand experience in administrative practice, litigation, policymaking, and legislation across the country as well as outside the country. Since animal protection is one of the concerning issues in recent times, the clinic also works on a wide range of issues that affect animals, both wild as well as farmed. Once in a while, it also hosts the inter-law school National Animal Law Competition.
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