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Quickest Citizenships In The World

There are many people across the globe today who are vying for second citizenship. Reason? Well, there is more than one to state. For starters having citizenship of another country comes with its benefits.

Not only do you get access to a higher standard of living, healthcare facilities, and topnotch education but also enjoy other privileges provided by the nation. In this list below we have discussed some of the countries in the world which provide the quickest citizenships.

Let us take a look at them in detail.

Quickest Citizenships In The World:

  1. Armenia
    Duration: 3 years
    Armenia allows all immigrants to become naturalized citizens of the country in a short span of 3 years. While the country does offer several investment options, all you need is a residence permit to secure your stay. Also, you will be required to pass a test on the Armenian constitution and spend enough time in the country to maintain the residence permit.
  2. Argentina
    Duration: 2 years
    Argentina is a South-American nation that is one of the top favorites for immigrants and investors. The country is dominated by several natural wonders and exciting places which makes it one of the gorgeous places to live in. Although recent reports do state that one can easily acquire Argentinian citizenship in two years, in reality, the process can consume slightly more time.
  3. Peru
    Duration: 2 years
    Another South-American country that secures the highest rank when it comes to citizenship is Peru. A hotspot for intrepid travellers, Peru provides the additional privilege of legal residency to immigrants. However, one has to stay in the country for a continuous-time period of 2 consecutive years before he/she can apply for naturalization.
  4. Dominican Republic
    Duration: 2 years
    The Dominican Republic falls under the list of countries where getting citizenship is very easy, provided immigrants follow a simple rule. As in the case of Peru, to become a resident of the Dominican Republic through naturalization, one has to live in the country for 2 years continuously. Once this criterion is met, he/she can quickly escalate into becoming a permanent citizen of the nation.
  5. Uruguay
    Duration: 3 years.
    Uruguay in recent years has positioned itself as one of the top-ranked countries in the world. The nation stands out from the rest in terms of democracy, transparency, anti-corruption, and equality. Also, becoming a citizen of Uruguay is a simple and non-complicated process that encourages many people to relocate to the country. It takes a total time of 3 years for any individual to become a citizen of the nation and reside there permanently.
  6. Canada
    Duration: 3 years
    If you want to live in a country that promises a high quality of life, then Canada is a sought-after option. The country has factors such as a stable economy, political prowess, booming job market, religious freedom, and public safety which makes it the best option for people. Apart from this, what makes Canada secure a high rank on the list is the ease of citizenship. Individuals can get access to a Canadian passport is by spending 3 years in the nation which by far is the quickest among other countries.
  7. Poland
    Duration: 3 years.
    Another high-profile country that provides ease of citizenship is none other than Poland. Immigrants who want to secure permanent residence in the country can obtain a passport in less than 3 years. Also, another way in which you can acquire citizenship in Poland is by marrying a local which will take less time than the above process.
  8. Cape Verde
    Duration: Almost Instantly
    Cape Verde is a tiny island country that has a combined land area of 4,033 sq kilometers. The nation promises the fastest citizenship to every individual provided they are willing to marry a local. Since the early 1990s, Cape Verde has been a stable representative democracy and remains one of the most developed and democratic countries in Africa. Dual citizenship is recognized and there is no need to renounce previous citizenship when you become a citizen of Cape Verde.

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