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How To Minimize The Screen Time

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Since the pandemic has hit us laptops, smartphones and iPads have become our best friends and favorite companion. All these things have become so important for us that we spend most of our time on these gadgets only. With the rapid increase in screen time, we have become more prone to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, sleep problems, etc. Here are some of the methods that you can learn which will help you minimize the screen time:

  1. Keep a Track Of the Time Spent On Your Smartphone
    As per a report published in 2019 by Rescue, the time stated that most of the people on average spend at least three hours on their gadgets and after the pandemic hit the screen time has rapidly increased. There are quite many apps available on the apple store and play store that would help you track the time you spend on your gadget and thus help you in reducing the screen time.

  2. Avoid Taking Your Smartphone To The Washroom
    It is no hidden fact that we tend to spend more time in the washroom if we take out smartphones with us. You can opt to pick a magazine, book or newspaper to read in the washroom and other than spending time on the screen you gain some more knowledge by the basic methods. You can also choose to not use your phones in the morning but some activity which involves your family and is fun like that you get to spend more quality time with your family.

  3. Create Screen-Free Zones
    Select places where nobody is allowed to use their smartphones. It can be whilst you sit at the dining table or even your family sits for an evening tea. This will also give you closure to life around you and some quality time to spend with your family members. Make a strict rule where no one should check their phones first thing in the morning or the night nobody should check the phone until they fall asleep.

  4. Track Screen Time and Set Time Limits
    There are a lot of tools that will help you secure this goal. Though a lot of people will be in denial saying they do not spend much time on their smartphones but it’s not the truth. You can just either check if your phone has that feature that tells you the time you spend on screen or that it allows you to set limits which will help you to lesser your screen usage and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  5. Get a Gadget-free Routine
    Make it a routine and inform others in case they try to get in touch with you over the weekend or you are off-hours then it would take hours for you to reply to them as you would be avoiding using phones and would be spending that time with your loved ones. This road will not be easy, however, if you keep trying slowly you would get a habit of it and it would help you get a better lifestyle that is not surrounded by gadgets.

  6. Pick a Hobby
    Go live that dream that you must have once come across that you should have done. Learn to play the guitar, or start painting, physical training, etc. there are a lot of such hobbies that you can pick and get yourself addicted to other than being addicted to your smartphone and gadgets. Stop browsing and go pick up a new hobby or continue with one that you have lost contact with.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - How To Minimize The Screen Time
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