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Why CHANGE Management is a Disaster to Business – Be Chanformational™ & WIN Every Time!

It’s a billion-dollar industry and at the top of everyone’s mind and the tip of everyone’s tongue… CHANGE. From change management, change initiatives, change innovation, managing change, implementing change, leading in change, and change discipline, we have all been through CHANGE!

I’m not about to win the debate for a shift from CHANGE doctrine to TRANSFORMATION doctrine, so I’ll coin a new term – Chanformational.

We have lived with change disciples and change programs, so why do few survive a change and go on to THRIVE? Simple… change is always a game of catch-up. Those who set the pace for others to change up to and into are the TRANSFORMATIONAL winners.

The mindset of the future that one must embrace today is that of being Chanformational™!

The 24-months of COVID (2021-2022), a period I have coined as the Great Global Reboot, has allowed for an equal playing field for everyone who chose to step up and into the massive opportunities. For those who were willing and able to re-visit every established “normal” Strategy, Process, Procedure, and business SOP of 2019, leverage forward massive wins became the ROI of 2020, 2021, 2022, and beyond.

The ability to morph from the established and predictable CHANGE DNA KPIs to that of a TRANSFORMATIONAL DNA KPI will be the difference between surviving and thriving in the market space of tomorrow.

Consider the DNA characteristics of CHANGE and the DNA characteristics of TRANSFORMATION within your own business and within yourself. Where are you and your organization? Here are just some of the traits of each …

Following OthersLeading Others
Best Practice MindsetBetter-Practice Mindset
Benchmark off of OthersSets the Benchmark for Others
Finite MindsetInfinite Mindset
Change ManagementTransformational Mindset
Process DrivenStrategic Focus
Present Tense FocusFuture Focus Opportunities
Objective FocusOutcome Focus
Rear-View-Mirror EnergyWindshield-View Energy
Catching-Up KPIsSetting the Pathway KPIs
Looking for a piece of the pieReinventing and enlarging the pie
Merging with OthersCollaborating & Leading with Others
Selling OutBuying Others
Managing Your TeamsLeveraging Your Human Capital
How to be LEAN MindsetPushing LEAN to New Levels
Resource ManagementResource Re-application
Setting the RulesVisionary
Hostage to Supply-ChainOwns Supply-Chain
Responds to DisruptionsCreates & Anticipates Disruptions

COVID shined a spotlight on the businesses that thrived during this time (and beyond), helping us realize these organizations were actually engaged in TRANSFORMATIONAL strategies, thinking, and execution. Similar businesses that engaged in CHANGE, found themselves as merely surviving and/or dying in 2020-21. Today, major think-tanks, leading organizational change agents, and consulting firms are busy publishing what one must be doing to survive or thrive… follow others’ best practices. These are the same old change ideas and they are no longer sufficient.

I’m reminded of a classic CHANFORMATIONALIST mindset example by the leading global Business Consultant, Dr. Alan Weiss. Throughout COVID, American automakers have been unable to build new cars due to the global microchip shortage and have had to slow down or outright shut down production as a result. Elon Musk doubled down as a Transformationalist and showed his team and the industry how to win.


When his engineers indicated they needed new microchips for their cars, Musk directed them to instead re-write the codes for the new cars to use the old microchips (of which they had a surplus). No longer would they be held hostage by supply-chain issues. Instead, Tesla won with more cars produced and sold during COVID than ever before!

When we evaluate business wins-draws-losses of the past 100-years, those that WIN have TRANSFORMATIONAL DNA KPIs, while those on the DRAW and LOSE side, compete within the CHANGE DNA KPI arena.

The global and American business frontier is littered with historical examples of CHANFORMATIONALIST icons. From Woolworths to Ben Franklin’s Five and Dime, from Montgomery-Wards and SEARS to Kmart and JCPenney – each disrupted an existing market and supply-chain, only to become complacent, exhausted by change measures to stay relevant and finally extinct. These businesses should be in AMAZON’s position right now. They had the inventory, the suppliers, and a massive customer contact list and brand. Unfortunately, they chose to play in the market of CHANGE causing a slow death. They forgot the DNA of TRANSFORMATION.

So, ask yourself, who are you? Are you in the pack or do you create the pack? Are you in the market or establishing the rules of the market? Are you the disruptor and innovator or dreading the interruption, disruption, and innovation from other brands that your team is positioned to respond to?

Stop trying to CHANGE and begin to TRANSFORM. Elevate and accelerate beyond others as a Chanformationalist™!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Magee.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Why CHANGE Management is a Disaster to Business – Be Chanformational™ & WIN Every Time!
Dr. Jeffrey Magee
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