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Understanding the Spiritual Universal Laws Will Directly Impact Your Sales Success. Here’s 3 Tips to Get Started

There are seven spiritual laws of success for humanity that apply to the necessity of dealing with people and being where the people are. The laws affirm that success is not achieved through hard work alone, that success is a basic understanding of human nature. Prior to 2019, I had heard of these concepts, but never really understood that embracing them fully was the key to successful living and selling. 

Now, I know why I’ve experienced success in sales over the course of my 35-year career in sales and sales management. I also understand why I experienced failures in my career. There’s a HUGE difference between the times when I worked in alignment with universal laws versus the times when I worked in opposition to them. The difference is awareness.

Here’s 3 Tips to Embrace Universal Laws in Sales:

  1. Set aside negative connotations about sales.
    The Law of Karma states whatever you put out, you get back. Many of us have negative perceptions of salespeople. But if you carry around that negativity, your clients are picking up what you’re putting down. Why? The thoughts you have emit feelings or vibrations that others can and will pick up.  If what you say is not in alignment with what you feel, you emit a double binding message.
    The origins of any misconceptions about selling could be a result of being told not to answer the door or the phone as a child if a salesman came calling. Or maybe your dad was in sales and was never home. We all make evaluations and agreements in our lives based on our awareness at the time. Sometimes we consciously think and choose whether to accept or reject an idea. Other times we have accepted ideas by default from an authoritative source, an intensive experience, or repetition and these ideas become habitual thought. And in fact, 96% of our behavior is habitual, or on auto pilot.
    The good news is that we can change our attitudes and reevaluate our agreements. The underlying Spirit of Selling is based in giving, persuading and transferring belief for the acceptance of ideas. As a sales professional, you are selling yourself and a solution for another’s benefit. You set intentions to help and guide your clients to get what they want. It’s a positive thing. Allow yourself to consciously take inventory of your beliefs and reevaluate them.  Consciously choose the beliefs and agreements that will empower you to sell. In doing so, you become empowered to create a new sales dynamic for you and your customers. When you do, you will be empowered to create the ultimate buying experience.
  2. Understand you don’t “make a sale,” you receive it.
    Selling is all about creating value. Become a value creator and accept that idea. The Law of Giving is to freely transfer possession of something to someone without attachment. When you leave everyone you meet with an impression of increase, you are in alignment with universal law and nature. The Law of Detachment allows you & the people around you the freedom and liberty to be as they are. Every sales call requires a commitment objective: to gain an agreement with the client to move the sales process forward. A commitment objective is an intention for the call, and that is good. The key is to resist getting attached to a specific outcome. Instead of thinking about how to get the sale, use all your power to think about how you can earn a sale by creating and giving immense value to your client.
    Be aware that our desire to control the outcome of our sales call stems from a lack of faith in the Universe (and thus ourselves) to deliver in the timeframe we want. Force repels, power attracts. Direct your focus on building relationships and connections. When you create meaningful relationships with humanity, you will reap in a non-linear fashion, and the returns will be exponential. The sale may not always come from where or when you first created value, but it will come, it’s law. Knowing that you are giving and serving others with the use of your talents will bring good back to you to receive. Sales are not made, they are earned. Expect to receive with no attachment to the how. Let nature do her part. Expect abundance.
  3. Believe that you can sell.
    Many organizations think selling is only for the “salespeople.” But everyone on this planet is selling something. It’s the circulation system of life, and certainly the circulation system for the marketplace. When you interview for a new job, you are selling the employer on your skills and experience. When you are dating, you are selling yourself. Belief sells. Even if you are lucky enough to work for an organization with a dedicated sales team, know that the selling doesn’t end with the sale itself. It’s just beginning.
    The Law of Dharma says that humanity has taken manifestation in physical form to fulfill a purpose. We all have unique talents and unique ways of expressing them. Entrepreneurs and business owners must understand their why, their purpose for being in business. Who are they serving, what experience are they creating, and how will they continue to grow and expand? The mindset of an organization creates the culture. Look at Apple, Disney or Amazon, they have all thrived through market disruptions. The Spirit of Selling is a powerful mindset for all leaders and employees to adopt. If all members of an organization understand the why, and the what to do, and continually looks for opportunities to solve new problems, the how will come naturally because of divine power, untapped potential, in every employee. Bring the divinity of your employees to the surface. Believe and your organization will thrive and evolve to play an infinite game.

Written by Rhonda Petit.

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Rhonda Petit
Rhonda Petit is a Sales and Business Peak Performance Coach and the Founder and CEO of 3x5 Coaching, where she works with both corporations and individuals to grow, unleash, and activate more of their true potential and power. Her book, The Spirit of Selling: Using Universal Laws for Sales Success, contains actionable insight into the universal laws that govern successful selling.

Rhonda Petit is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow her on LinkedIn. For more information, visit the author’s website.