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CEO Spotlight: Michael Koch the Global CEO with a Local Tech Focus

Michael Koch, Co-Founder & CEO of HubKonnect

The future is AI. We hear that quote often and with mass adoption of this cutting-edge tech, believe it to be true. But we seldom ponder upon who is working hard behind closed doors, in the board rooms of the elite tech companies in the world to make this a reality. One of these next generational leaders is Michael Koch, the CEO of HubKonnect, an AI data driven platform for local store marketing which utilizes its AI for some of the biggest companies in retail. Despite this field still in the process of accelerated evolution, Koch has played a vital role in pioneering AI, machine learning, and the intersect of new consumer data through his award-winning tech company. 

This revolutionary, bold leader has been able to achieve this all by having a vision to invest in the right opportunity and then believing in himself and creating the team to execute it. Because of his passion for problem solving, he was able to plan ahead for the AI revolution to come. With HubKonnect he set out to change the landscape of technology and how it is viewed by people. 

One wonders what motivates Michael who has built and exited 4 tech companies over the past decade to take these bold steps and introduce ground-breaking technologies into the hands of everyday business owners. Making sure that his entire business always keeps on the right track and is able to innovate requires a lot of sacrifice from Michael. This is reflected in his daily routine of waking up at 4:00am with epic early morning workouts where he focuses on building strength and enable his body to work at the tempo needed for a global CEO. Since his work entails meeting with clients all around the world, this early hour gives him enough time to interact with a lot of clienteles based in Europe and Asia, and his rigorous routine gives him the energy to work his legendary 18-hour days. 

Koch also does not believe in having long, formal lunches, dinners or parading through golf courses to build relationships with clients. He instead chooses to work and let the results do their own talking. Even after a long day of work, Michael still manages to take some time to ponder over his business activities throughout the day. To aid him in this process is his whiteboard at his home where he jots down all the important events and details that transpired or may need his attention the next day. One never knows when inspiration strikes, and Michael always creates and environment that fosters innovation for his clients and company.  

Because Koch performs his work with machine like precision, it is easy to see why he is so interested in Artificial Intelligence. Perhaps his passion about AI and the company he has built around it is the reason why that he strongly believes AI is not just a trend that will continue to accelerate the speed of business. With this in mind, he plans on taking his technology global as people continue to see and marvel at the incredible opportunities it possesses the way we conduct work. Consumer behavior has changed, and his company HubKonnect can help solve this. 

Michael Koch, Co-Founder & CEO of HubKonnect

In Silicon Valley there is a story old as time with tech company CEOs to be young geniuses, who only know programming language but don’t have a business mindset. Michael is an entrepreneur who understands the intersection of business and technology to solve real business issues and never just build tech for tech’s sake.  He understands user experience and can look at his client’s technological ecosystem and eliminate redundancies across departments and connect key applications to di silo an organization. He has always taken this vision to help the world’s leading brands transform digitally.  His ability to use technology to solve business issues he and a team of 500 technologists, he consolidated the digital production of General Motors.  Then in 2009, he was able to create the digital production entity for BBDO with 200 resources under his wing. This caused the company to reach 267 offices, spread over 97 countries. 

As if all this was not enough, as Founder and CEO of this company Michael led the entire P&G digital production consolidation for multiple brands like Gillette, Braun, Pampers, Tide saving the company millions with economies of scale and newfound efficiencies.  Michael was able to put his best ideas to use and change the way the company operates on a global scale, optimizing brand rollout with custom language and localization, but still using the same technological framework. This then translated to Michael reaching the heights of technological impact in the tech industry granting him yet a new business opportunity with another global company, McDonalds, where he was brought in by the CMO to help lead a digital transformation across multiple departments and moving McDonalds forward technologically. His company build over 9 global applications for McD from their global creative review center, augmented reality, AI based executive management platform to a Franchisee Portal. Understandably across all 14,500 US locations and expansion globally. 

With his technological experience he saw the power and impact of local and how businesses who win over communities, will be able to win market share. That is how he Launched his fifth company HubKonnect. Because of his dedication and hard work, it is no wonder that HubKonnect is directly competing with Silicon Valley giants in such a short time. 

With Koch’s plan to continue advancing the future of AI, surely there can be many more executing technological breakthroughs from him, and his team expected. Michael is passionate about continuing to speak and be a leader for this global industry and to help executives better understand what AI can do for their businesses. For many top executives, it is easy to not understand the nuances between AI, machine learning and deep learning. But they are most certainly different from each other as machine learning analyzes data and learns from it. While deep leaning is an extended branch of machine learning. On the other hand, AI is just the overarching term comprised of machines learning to adapt human behaviors and enhancing their operations, partially through machine learning, to mimic human brain processes. 

Now, this certainly means that Michael Koch is on a path to lead the future of tech and AI. His bold vision and work ethic will ensure that the future of AI will continue to be leveraged to help clients locally. He is a visionary who will most certainly end up changing the world one local community at a time. Now it’s up to us to see what he does next as he pushes the boundaries of innovation.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - CEO Spotlight: Michael Koch the Global CEO with a Local Tech Focus
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