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Determining life’s real value

A young boy ready to throw a rock in the sea

A young boy approached his father with the following question: ”Dad, what is the value of my life?” A hard question made his father think twice before answering back. He did not want to be like everyone else and tell his kid he worths a lot. He knew that words are not so important and kids learn from experience basically.

He decided to allow his son to find his own answer to the question he had asked. The next day, he gave a stone to his son and asked him to go sell it on the market. He told him to just go there and place the stone on a table with the sign ”for sale.” If anyone asks the price of the stone, the father explained, do not say anything, just raise the two fingers of your right hand and see how the person will react. Once you check that do not sell the rock.

Later on that day, the boy went with his stone to the market and a young lady appeared asking for the price. The boy acted as his father had instructed him. The woman saw the two fingers and said: ”2 $? I will take it, I want to put it in my garden.” The boy returned home and told to his father what happened. The wise man told his son to conduct the next experiment.

He said: ”Now go outside of the town’s museum and put the rock using the same label. Again, if anyone asks just raise your fingers.” Excited as he was for the new adventure the boy followed his dad’s instructions until a guy showed up asking again for the price of the stone. After the child raised his two fingers the man said: ”Wow, 200$? I think I will take it. The boy did not accept the money without getting into further explanations leaving the man high and dry for not accepting the offer. After sharing the news with his dad, the father advised his son to go to a store with precious stones and repeat the experiment. The owner of the stone took the rock that the boy gave him and examined it carefully. A few minutes later he asked the boy for the price.

Raising his two fingers the boy replied. The owner said: ”Ah, 200,000$, seems like a fair price.” The boy came back excited to his dad to share the news. His father then told him that he should eventually be aware of the value of his life and himself. Apart from getting rich out of nothing the kid learned a valuable lesson.

The value of our life is not determined until we show up on the map. No one has pre-decided what will happen to us and how life will evolve. The value can also change depending on who you socialize with. It does not matter who you are or where you came from but it is really vital to answer the question of where you are heading to. If you surround yourself with people who are mean or poor when it comes to their inner world, do not expect miracles to happen. Your fate will not be generous with you. However, if you put yourself in the right place believing that you have a great value it is evident that this is the feedback you will get will confirm this assumption.

The story also has another lesson to teach. If you noticed people who would try to guess the price of the rock had completely different estimations. Depending on their mood and the place they were at they responded differently. This could also be a great lesson in a business class. As we do with ourselves the same thing we can do with our products and creations.

If we sell them on a fancy site where rich people shop the price can be easily justified. If we do not have faith in them we cannot expect that others will believe in them more than we do. The value and the price are always to be discussed. There is no real price for anything in this life. Everything is relatively connected with the market or the community we live in. Choosing the background will only allow us to choose the future we want for ourselves and having high expectations will only bring positive surprises in our way.

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