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What does it mean to be “metaverse-ready”?

For B2B companies, being metaverse-ready means building the capability to digitally engage with customers in a multi-person immersive environment.  Imagine getting ten customers from their offices (or homes) all over the world to engage simultaneously in a digital workspace where they participate actively to discover the value of your solutions in the context of their business and technical needs. 

While much of the initial hype about the multiverse has been about virtual reality (VR) and putting many people inside a fully immersive VR world, that vision is most realistic for consumers. For B2B sales the benefits of the multiverse can be achieved without requiring the VR headsets. Immersion comes in many forms, and in the context of a PC or a tablet, it involves the collaboration of several people in the same 3D digital workspace, with or without the VR goggles. 

So, how does a company prepare for this impending reality? By deploying platforms that not only deliver applications that engage customers in their own non-linear journeys of interactive exploration, but also facilitate the sharing and collaboration of these digital interactive environments with multiple people simultaneously. In this manner, the metaverse becomes accessible as a means to build a collaboration and partnership amongst customers, and between the company and their customers.

Kaon Interactive builds interactive customer engagement applications that are powered by the world’s only metaverse-ready platform. Yes, customers can engage with these applications using VR headsets, and they can also engage with these applications in an Augmented Reality (AR) environment. The most remarkable aspect of the platform, however, is that it enables these interactive applications to be experienced on all device types, not just VR and AR headsets. What this means is that B2B enterprises can now future-proof their customer engagement strategies because the customer chooses what specific experience venue they prefer, rather than imposing the same one-size-fits-all technology on all users.

Not only are these customer engagement experiences available to individuals to explore at their own pace and in their own level of detail, but they are also shared, collaborative experiences when multiple people engage at the same time – seeing the same immersive experiences, but also from their own individual perspectives. Recall visiting museums on school field trips: sometimes you were guided and sometimes you wandered off and explored on your own when something particularly captured your interest. This is the best way to let your customers digitally explore your solution stories in the metaverse. Your salespeople or experts  are  there to guide the conversations virtually, but customers also have the freedom to deep-dive into an area of special resonance when you spark their interest and imagination. And just as importantly, customers can also guide the conversation and exploration for others. All this ensures that your customers do not end up as the dreaded unfocused observer, distracted by email and Facebook.

Rather than simply digitizing physical experiences, Kaon’s platform supercharges experiences with personalized interactive elements to which anyone in the group has individualized access. Unlike screen sharing presentations, this paradigm ensures that each participant has the freedom to control their own journey, and everyone stays engaged throughout the duration of the discussion. Participants may be in a hybrid collaboration, where some people are using VR headsets (if they have them) and others may be exploring the space using AR, while others may be using a PC and a browser, and some people may be physically together in a conference room using a large touch-screen.

Why is this important? Twenty-five years of experience with B2B digital interactive technology has proved that each person has their own way of exploring and understanding digital applications – and yet there are three common threads to creating value in these B2B sales and marketing digital interactive experiences:

  1. The experience must be useful and provide relevant information that resonates with the user (what we call the “knowledge transfer” part of the experience);
  2. The experience must connect with the user in a “multi-sensory” manner (that is to say, the user can’t just sit back and watch. They must be actively involved, using their sense of sight, touch, and often auditory experience as well);
  3. The experience has to deliver an emotional connection – it must go well beyond a simple set of data entry or mouse-click tasks, often providing a fun and even exciting experience;

These three dimensions of value offer the best opportunity for B2B companies to engage prospects and customers in a digital journey of discovery – revealing why the company’s solutions offer competitively differentiated value. When prospects and customers engage directly with this kind of hybrid interactive experience, they learn more deeply, remember longer and with a greater degree of confidence, and the result is that they make better buying decisions.

The metaverse can be much more than a marketing gimmick, or a consumer-only technology. It yields significant benefits for B2B sales – delivering memorable shared experiences that transform customer interactions from passive encounters to interactive knowledge sharing collaborations.  The Kaon High Velocity Marketing Platform with LiveShare multi-user collaboration brings your stories into the metaverse for your prospects and customers….today!

Written by Gavin Finn,

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - What does it mean to be “metaverse-ready”?
Gavin Finn
Gavin Finn is President & CEO of Kaon Interactive, Inc. He is responsible for the company’s strategic, financial, product, and customer relationship strategies. In this capacity, he has led the successful transformation of the company’s business model and marketing strategies. Gavin has instituted Kaon’s continuous innovation process, resulting in the introduction of several award-winning solutions which have delivered significant improvements in customers’ sales effectiveness and marketing efficiency.

Gavin Finn is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.