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Premier Virtual CEO Steven Edwards Is Giving Recruiters Powerful Tools to Leverage Remote Hiring

While it’s incredibly clear that remote work has become a much larger part of the landscape across essentially every industry, we see it playing out in a number of different ways. When you think of remote work, you might think of existing office employees who now perform their duties from home. Another component that’s becoming more important every day is the remote hiring process.

The fact that many remote work roles can be performed from essentially anywhere, often with nothing more than time zone constraints, means that there isn’t really a need for employees and employers to ever meet face to face. The hiring process can be carried out remotely, and has numerous benefits for both employers and employees.

One company that’s ahead of the curve when it comes to enabling remote hiring is Premier Virtual. The CEO and co-founder of the company, Steven Edwards, has been facilitating remote hiring events since before the pandemic. These virtual hiring events give companies a way to attract and engage with as many qualified candidates as possible, at once, increasing their pool of potential employees and leveraging their advanced analytics to do so. 

While Premier Virtual wasn’t founded in reaction to the pandemic, the company’s virtual hiring event platform became an integral tool for recruiters, as more and more employers shifted towards remote work arrangements. Today, even in areas where returning to the offices is possible, many companies are still leveraging the benefits of remote hiring.

How Remote Hiring Attracts the Best Talent

Of course, at the most basic level, remote hiring has a clear advantage over in-person hiring. It allows the employer to reach a much wider talent pool. Not double or triple, but many hundred or thousand fold larger depending on the specific industry. With access to talent across the country or even across the globe, companies are exposed to more top-level talent than ever before.

Within any field where remote work is possible, it’s generally the preferred option. Many talented individuals know that they’re only looking for remote work, and so they tend to look for remote hiring opportunities. The time they save from not having to commute and being able to set flexible schedules is a huge incentive that drives the most qualified candidates.

Of course, simply having access to more candidates isn’t the only benefit for employers. They’re also much more likely to increase retention when offering remote work opportunities, along with saving on overhead. Remote hiring can make the onboarding process much less time-intensive and much more cost-effective.

Remote interview processes can be just as effective, if not more so, than in-person meetings. Both the candidate and the employer have the opportunity to save time, and it makes more sense for remote positions that won’t require an in-person interview.

Using Virtual Hiring Events to Attract Top Talent

Premier Virtual lets companies make the best use of the remote hiring process with innovative and straightforward virtual hiring events. These events make it possible to deliver the virtual equivalent of an in-person hiring fair, reaching out to a wide pool of candidates for multiple roles.

The platform features integrated video interviews and a wide variety of additional features. This includes candidate matching tools that direct candidates towards the best positions for them. With Premier Virtual, employers are putting remote hiring to work for them to find the very best candidates available.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - Premier Virtual CEO Steven Edwards Is Giving Recruiters Powerful Tools to Leverage Remote Hiring
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