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The magic number of five and its interesting history

Number 5 in a circle

The number 5 is found in many cases and is also used in the pentacles. Believe it or not, it is so important so it is even on the military badges. It is found on flags of states and on the decorations that decorate various offices. You see, The goddess Aphrodite for the Mesopotamian people was related to the goddess Ishtar, who was recognized in the morning and evening bright star.

The goddess was also a protector of our sexuality while initially she was referred to as a deity of war, hunting, and physical exercise. This dual-use seems to have reached the present time, where we distinguish the pentacle in badges and flags.

Sumerian back in 2700 AD had a very interesting approach towards this number. The four cardinal points along with the sky are the five points that can show us where everything is. A perfect way to understand space one would say. Today we use the three dimensions but back then they would use five points. For that reason, Sumerians used the sign of the pentacle.

After the Sumerians, the symbol seems to be lost. The symbol will again appear in ancient Egyptian Hieroglyph. In scattered temples, tombs, and sarcophagi, there is the depiction of a five-pointed star. The exact source as well as the symbolism of the pentacle in Egypt escapes us, but it is believed – as Heike Owusu in 2000 will say – that the creation of the symbol was based on the form of the sea stars. This does not seem absurd, it is enough to think that for the ancient Egyptians, the blue sky was but an ocean where the boat of the sun-god Ra sailed among the souls of the dead that were bright specks, the stars. Gradually, therefore, there seems to have been developed a certain connection between man and The Stave, a connection strongly cultivated in the circles of the Pythagoreans.

But let’s see again how the number is so important for humans. For the ancient Greeks, the number 5 was especially important. According to the theologians of Iamblichus ‘ arithmetic, 5 includes the archetypal forms of all numbers: 2 being the first even and 3 being the first odd. For this reason, Pythagoras called the pentad marriage since it is the Union of the male and the female. By extension, it is the number of Eros and Aphrodite, the goddess and the homonymous planet, as its years are completed by fives.

Five attributes were also attributed to Apollo as a god of light: omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, unity, and eternity. At the time, five were the known planets (excluding the sun and Moon): Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, but also the elements of the World: fire, earth, water, air, and ether. Therefore, because of this cosmic pentad, Nature created man in correspondence: five are the fingers on each limb, five are the noble viscera: kidneys, lung, liver, spleen, and heart, as also five are the visible limbs: two hands, two feet, and the head.

Therefore, the pentad can only symbolize the full and able-bodied man, his proper physical form and for this reason the Pythagoreans around 400 P.Allah. they will always accompany their letters with the seal of a pentagram that was written around the word Hygeia. This good-natured symbol very soon turned into a talisman and was called a pentacle, because it presents the letter A in five different declensions.

In a variety of writings of occult literature, people will use the pentacle as a symbol of the perfect man, the integral personality, and the man-microcosm. We certainly find it in the Solomonic books, whose dating is lost through the centuries. We find it next to the signature of the mathematician and patron of the Rhodostaurs Robert Moray in the 17th century.

It depicts in the best way the universal language of mathematics, the relationship of the macrocosm with the microcosm, the unpopular world of ideas with our materialistic world. At the center of this relationship and embodiment of this bond is the man himself, who by structure as well as by his senses forms the harmonious pentad. Understanding this mystery offers an interesting view about how numbers seem to carry a certain meaning during history and why people believe in lucky or important numbers throughout the years.

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