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The 4 parameters that destroy motivation

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We often talk about all the interesting things that keep us motivated and see where we could find sources of inspiration to keep the fire sparkling inside us but sometimes there are things that put us down and make us never want to get out of bed and claim the happiness we deserve. Today we will talk about the 4 main pillars that act in the worst way against us and make us lose our motivation and will.

  1. Having everything
    The first thing that will stop a person from chasing their dreams is not having one. One can argue that everybody has dreams but in some cases, these are eliminated. When? Well, the answer could be found on occasions when people have so much that they do not want to chase anything anymore.

    When we think about those people our mind automatically goes to people who are super rich, famous, or successful. However, people who do not have literally everything can also act this way. An overprotecting family, for example, will usually destroy all the motivation someone has to move on.

    Worse than that consider a family that gives a bunch of toys to a newborn baby that only needs love. It is like trying to feed someone who has already eaten. The reaction of a person to this excess activity towards them may lead to the opposite results.

  2. Not wanting to satisfy others
    When we try we have more chances to succeed and when we succeed there is always the case that we might satisfy others. It may sound quite strange to you but this is a reality that many people experience. It is usually the parents who want to see us following a successful career and getting married.

    Some people are filled with so much anger towards their parents or other people who have played an important role in their lives that they do want to give them the joy of seeing them succeed. Sometimes, others are so eager to see us doing well because they can get some credit from that. They will think their child became a doctor because they were there to provide the best education.

    Partially, this is true. However, some sons and daughters do not want to play that role, they feel that someone else will steal their thunder, and instead of seeing that happening they prefer to not succeed at all. They want to take credit for their accomplishments and a problematic relationship with some of those we are close with can create problems.

  3. Being wise and peaceful
    As it happens with everything apart from the dark sides there are also the bright ones. It is not unexpected that the reason you will not see some people trying hard is that they are simply fine with how things are in their lives. Inner peace can lead to eliminated activity. When we are complete we do not feel there is any need to change something around us.

    Again the fact that there is no need to try prevents us from making any efforts. Just like in the first case where everything was provided to us, here we again cannot see the need in trying. Still, in this case, the reason for that is based on the wonderful feeling that everything is fine just the way it is. In fact, if we change something in the picture we might even destroy it, that is another thought that can cross a happy person’s mind.

  4. Having personal issues
    Last but not least, let us consider all the facts that can act as great motivations for some people and see what a negative effect they have on others. For instance, poverty may make someone want to try hard to get out of it but at the same time, someone else feels it is impossible to change their social class, and therefore it is completely useless to try. You can also consider a person with a hurt ego. This fact can make them stubborn persistent and active but it can also make them close themselves and never want to communicate with anyone again. Personal unhappiness is a trap that is more probable to destroy our willingness to try and this is why we all try to erase it.

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