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The three rules of a peaceful life

''Life is good'' written on the beach

Trying to succeed, trying to be happy, and trying to be peaceful are three different things. As we get old all we want is to be able to remain calm throughout the day. To do that one has to follow three plain rules that will allow them to sleep nice and tight every night.

  1. Do not take any shortcuts
    Taking shortcuts is tempting and no one wants to lose their time going through the long and hard way for success. However, in most situations shortcuts come with a cost and the reason is that we do not know the crucial details that will help us evaluate whether it is worth taking them.

    For instance, let’s say you decide to go to your home following the small roads that lead you straight there, instead of going through the main roads. It is not rare that you may come across criminals who will want to steal your money and will not hesitate to even kill you. It is like the fairy tale of the little red riding hood. All of the girl’s troubles appear because she decided to take the shortcut and not follow the main road. Being risky is different from being naive. Quick shortcuts that promise quick success are not to be taken seriously.

  2. Do not be curious to reveal what is evil
    Assume you are in the bedroom of your house when you suddenly hear a noise coming from the kitchen. You have two options. The first one is to lock your bedroom door and call the police and the other one is to get out to see if anyone has entered your property. While the second choice makes you come off like a hero, it is not the smart thing to do.

    If there is, indeed, a burglar out there you simply jeopardize your life for nothing. In the United States, it is very common for people to carry a gun so a small misunderstanding can easily cost someone’s life. Besides, who wants to have blood on their hands? Curiosity is a wonderful tool as long as you are in search of positive things. Yet, when troubles appear on the way it is preferable to stay away from them as much as possible.

  3. Do not take any important decisions when you are angry
    A guy returns to his home after 20 years of hard work in another country. The old man had to leave his house and his wife to search for money as they were living in extreme poverty. The huge distance and the poor finances did not allow them to have any communication. Before the man left he had promised his wife that he would be faithful to her and he made her make the same promise as well. When he returned home after 20 years he looked through the window before knocking on the door. From there he saw a guy hugging his wife while they were watching TV. He became angry and wanted to kill them both. Still, he remembered that the decisions of angry people are not wise and took 10 breaths to calm himself down.

    Thinking it over he decided to leave the country for the second time in his life and work at the same company again. The advice is to think twice before making decisions but it is not to avoid expressing our feelings. The man, therefore, thought it would be a good idea to confess to his wife his sorrow and disappointment for her betrayal. Once he knocked on the door, his wife opened it instantly to give him a warm hug. The man immediately pushed her away and told her how he felt.

    She refused that she had betrayed him and he explained that he saw her with her new husband. The woman laughed and explained that the guy who was holding her was their son since the woman was pregnant when her husband left to work. A spontaneous reaction is not always a good thing. Following our hearts is important but sometimes it can prove extremely misleading and the reason is again that sometimes we may just not know all the facts.

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