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Top 10 Easiest Citizenships in the World, 2022

When you are born in most native nations, you are instantly granted Citizenship. There are no fees or procedures to follow to become a citizen. What happens, though, if you desire to obtain dual Citizenship – that is, become a citizen of one country despite being a citizen of your own? Perhaps you’re retired and wish to reside in another country forever. Possibly you want to establish your organization in a foreign nation. Regardless of your potential plans, obtaining Citizenship in a foreign government could be challenging for several individuals. So in this section, let’s talk about the top 10 most accessible citizenship in the world.

  1. Spain
    After one year of marrying and residing in Spain, couples are granted Citizenship. It is among the most straightforward procedures to obtain Spanish Citizenship. You can also get a residence permit by investing in Spain. You could easily access Citizenship by Residency after 2, 5 or 10 years of residing in Spain using your residency permit.

  2. Canada
    Canada has lowered its time to be a Canadian citizen to only three years of residence. If you communicate in French or Francophone, the procedure will be quicker. Numerous migrants were drawn to Canada because of its excellent healthcare, educational, and commercial opportunities. The number of wealthy families moving to Canada has always been significant.

  3. Dominican Republic
    The Dominican Republic is the Caribbean’s most popular tourist attraction and has the region’s most significant GDP. Naturalization is the fastest way to become a citizen after only two years of staying in the nation. Foreigners should first seek one residency permit before lawfully visiting the country.

    Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

  4. Argentina
    Argentina has become one of the few countries in South America which offer immigrants Citizenship only after two years of continuous residence. Only very few nations grant Citizenship in 2 years or less. You could obtain Citizenship in Argentina by demonstrating a monthly income of $1000 or a bank account balance of $20,000.

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  5. Israel
    Israel’s Law of Return grants every Jew the “right to aliyah,” or the religious privilege to come to Israel. Naturalization for Israeli Citizenship is achievable if you live in Israel for three out of five years and renounce your prior nationality. The Israeli Nationality Law determines that each child born to an Israeli parent (mother or father) is entitled to Israeli Citizenship by birth.

  6. Peru
    Peru is yet another Latin American nation wherein obtaining Citizenship is quick and straightforward after only two years of residence. You will need to take Spanish language and Peruvian history and culture tests if you apply this way. Citizenship is also granted after two years of marriage. You will not be required to take any Spanish language or Peru cultural tests that way.

  7. Paraguay
    In South America, Paraguay is a little-known treasure. With merely three years of permanent resident status, visitors can apply for Citizenship. By investing $10,000 in such a zero-interest savings account, anyone can obtain rapid lifelong residency in Paraguay. Purchasing real estate or agricultural land also enables quick and permanent status.
  8. Bolivia
    Bolivia is among the few nations in the World that allows you to become a citizen after marrying and living there for two years. Individuals who’ve already lived in Bolivia legally for three years in a row could apply for Citizenship. Also if you have a baby born in Bolivia (even if you and your partner were foreigners), and you have resided in Bolivia like a permanent resident for at least 2 (two) years in a row, you could be granted citizenship.
  9.  Ecuador
    If you have been a legal resident or married for three years in Ecuador, you will be granted citizenship. It is simple to obtain residency in Ecuador if you purchase real estate and deposit $30,000 in a bank account, and Ecuador tolerates double Citizenship. All you need to prove is a minimum monthly income of US$400 to qualify as a pensioner (and hence for the pensionado visa).
  10. Honduras
    Under normal naturalization conditions, like any other South American country, Honduras needs three years of lawful stay to be a citizen. This period is cut in half for economic investors born in Central America, and it is among the simplest citizenships to acquire. A child born outside Honduras, at least one of whose parents is a Honduran citizen can be granted dual citizenship.
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