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Richest Television Stars And Their Net Worth, 2022

Jennifer Aniston, portrait

Many people in the world still believe that television stars do not earn as much as movie actors. However, the truth exceeds the overall perception. Today, many television actors earn as handsomely as big-screen actors.

The list below has the name of 10 such TV actors who not only enjoy popularity but also charge millions per episode.

  1. Jennifer Aniston
    Net Worth: $300 million
    One of the most loved characters on the small screen is that of Rachel Greene. Smart, stylish, and cheeky, the character not only received widespread acclaim but also made Jennifer Aniston a true star. Today she is counted among the richest TV actors in the world with a net worth of $300 million.

  1. Sofia Vergara
    Net Worth: $160 million
    Sofia Vergara is a Columbian-American actress. Her claim to fame came as Gloria Pritchett in the popular ABC comedy “Modern Family”. Currently, she is a judge of America’s Got Talent and has an overall net worth of $160 million.

  1. Courteney Cox
    Net Worth: $150 million
    Another popular name in the world of television actors is Courteney Cox. Popular for her character “Monica” in Friends, and “Gale Weathers” in Scream, Cox has also made appearances in other shows such as “Modern Family”. Her net worth is $150 million making her one of the highest-paid and richest television stars.

  1. Mark Harmon
    Net Worth: $90 million
    We all remember the role of Special Agent Jethro Gibbs on the famous TV show NCIS. Well, it is played by none other than Mark Hammon. Although Hammon started his career as a football player, his role as the agent has got him widespread popularity. His current net worth as of today is $90 million.

  1. Yeardley Smith
    Net Worth: $85 million
    Yeardley Smith is a voice actress, comedian, and painter who is most popular for the animated series “The Simpsons”. Born and raised in France, Smith lend her voice to Lisa Simpson and garnered enormous praise for the same. Today her net worth stands at $85 million.

  1. Julie Kavner
    Net Worth: $85 million
    Julie Kavner is one such actor who houses a multitude of talents. The actress is known for lending her voice to the character of Marge Simpson which made skyrocketed her popularity. Apart from this, she has also received awards for her portrayal in the comedy series “Rhoda”. Her current net worth as of today is around $85 million.

  1. Dan Castellaneta
    Net Worth: $85 million
    ”The Simpsons” is one such show which has gained cult status over the years. One of the popular characters from the show is none other than Homer Simpson. Voiced by Dan Castellaneta, it has been recently reported that the actor earns around $300,000 per episode, which brings his net worth around $85 million.

  1. Nancy Cartwright
    Net Worth: $80 million
    Nancy Cartwright is best remembered for her role as “Bart Simpson”. A popular comedian and voice-over artist, Nancy gained overnight popularity for the long-running role. Today her net worth is estimated to be around $80 million.

  1. Jim Parsons
    Net Worth: $80 million
    If there is one other popular sitcom that has made it to the hearts of the audiences, it is none other than “The Big Bang Theory”. Parson who plays the role of Sheldon Cooper earns around $26.5 million per episode and is counted among the richest television stars today.

  1. Matt LeBlanc
    Net Worth: $80 million
    We all fell in love with Matt LeBlanc’s character “Joey Tribbiani” on Friends. The show not only made Matt LeBlanc a star but also earned him fame and worldwide popularity. His current net worth as of today is around $80 million, making him one of the richest television actors.

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