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How Two Former Fisherman Lead Businesses to a Great Marketing Catch

As business owners and leaders start to set intentions for the greater part of next year, Shopanova‘s co-founders, Daniel Stafford and Robby Switzer, want organizations to keep in mind the power of planning ahead. 

“A great business strategy includes mindfulness and intention,” said Stafford. “After a business has launched, it lives and dies by its values and culture.”

Looking to the future, Stafford realized he wanted to be forward-thinking; whatever came next had to align to his values and create success—without costing him time away from his family.

“When we formulated what was important in our business, we looked forward and how it would affect what elements we treasured most,” he explained. Using their ethics of hard work, curiosity, and serving the end-user, Shopanova, an e-commerce advertising agency, was born.

“Seeing our clients grow, prosper, and exceed is as fulfilling as a great day on the water,” Switzer said. “We’re about a meaningful impact, and Shopanova has so much more to accomplish.”

From The Ground Up

Stafford and Switzer, two former business partners and fishermen, decided to build an agency from the ground up. Focusing on not just serving clients but transforming the future of the businesses they worked with, they took setting intentions very seriously.

For each professional, the decision to launch their business was a no-brainer, and either was including their values in every facet of who they were and how they spoke out loud. 

“We prioritize our families, so we didn’t want to compromise who we were to build the future we so wanted,” explained Switzer. “Aligning our beliefs with the company mission, finding similar minds, and creating a future where we were all rowing in the same direction was vital to our success.”

Shopanova’s Success: Actionable Intention

Shopanova’s strategy shortens the sales cycle, creating robust, smart advertising that gains attention, clicks, and ultimately—sales from targeted individuals and businesses. With an eye on both the end-user and understanding what their clients truly need, the company is becoming one of the most skilled e-commerce advertising partners in the United States.

Created out of the idea that companies knew their business best and the duo understood how to effectively get them to a wider audience, the men help clients source sales in effective and strategic ways. Closely monitoring online advertising and understanding consumer patterns helped Shopanova build sales funnels that had incredible bottom-line results. 

“Customers are always looking for the next big thing, and our work brings their e-commerce marketing strategy into 2022 and beyond,” stated Stafford.”It comes down to asking, with every business decision, ‘Is this the right decision?’. For our clients, they know that we bring effective marketing that has true ROI.”

Growth & Success For The Future

With powerful relationships built on trust and respect, Shopanova has created a name for itself by helping over 100 e-commerce stores scale and strengthen their bottom line. With a plan tailored to each individual business, the team uses an exclusive Brand Velocity Framework to ensure each element of digital advertising is covered. From social media to email and SMS to micro-influencers, its personalized planning and execution bring leads from every facet.

“We took what we so often see not serving businesses and developed a set of guidelines and actionable solutions to sales funneling and marketing,” explained Switzer. “Our framework gives businesses and leaders the tools they need to better understand the market and excel at capturing leads from the tremendous noise that’s filling digital advertising.”

Making the process even more effective for their clients, Stafford and Switzer decided to carefully curate the businesses they wanted to work with. Utilizing a three-stage process, potential partners are carefully vetted to ensure the 100% turnkey operation can be as successful as promised. 

When a client signs up for Shopanova’s services, Stafford and Switzer’s team goes through an in-depth audit of their online presence and eCommerce systems. Leading to growth up to 200% for many clients, the former fishermen are sought after to elevate online marketplaces.

About Shopanova

Shopanova is a modern growth media buying agency for eCommerce shops. They have been able to grow their clients’ monthly revenues from 5-figures all the way to 7-figures and beyond. Shopanova has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg Business, NBC, and more. For more information on how to build a generational online brand and scale your business to millions, please visit

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Spotlight - How Two Former Fisherman Lead Businesses to a Great Marketing Catch
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