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The greatest motives that inspired geniuses

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Having a motive is the most crucial part to help someone succeed. It is the driving force that can move mountains and make people struggle to only to become rich but also renowned. Most of the time, it is the respect we take back from society or a person of our close family. Today we see all the important motivations that work silently and determine our actions.

  1. Poverty and loss
    Unfortunately, most of the motivations that convinced people to cross the lines that hold them to be viewers and turn them into active passionate seekers of adventure and success are based on misfortune or a tragedy they have experienced. People who come from extreme poverty and have been lucky enough to survive are the most persistent fighters. These people have learned what it feels like to be in trouble and will not give up on the first cloud they see in the sky.

    They are strong, they are determined, and they are not afraid of failure. They have been brought up in the school called ”life” and they do not joke about what effort means. The loss also works in the same way. Individuals who have lost a parent at a very young age or have been separated from their families are not expected to give up easily.

    If they have managed to survive that they will survive everything; this is the lesson they have learned and if there is one thing they know, this is that they are never going to allow themselves to go back to that place where living was not for granted.

  2. Humiliation and revenge
    People who have been disregarded or neglected in the past may carry a serious trauma. This behavior they have received from people that obviously were important to them will be processed and will be expressed in various forms. Some will turn into shy individuals who have low confidence and do not want to be in the center of attention for anyone because they are afraid that their past experience will be repeated and people will offend them once again.

    Others want to see the same play happening again only to see themselves thriving and proving that their previous abusers were wrong and carry a great value that others will respect. Humiliating someone is not a good idea and usually comes with a price, even those who manage to succeed have suffered a great deal before they see themselves finding the essential strength to survive.

  3. Society
    First, we talked about those who have no choice and then about those who have built their lives based on anger, however fear can also work as a motivation. What society wants from us is often enough to convince us that we have to try hard and finally succeed. Actually the majority of the time it is the fear that makes us follow a certain road.

    This time people do not suffer from poverty and they pretty much have everything they need, and they want things to continue that way. They have not been poor but they know how poor people live and for all they know they do not want to end up this way. They have the basics but they do not have the feeling of security that is necessary to help them relax. If fear is not a good motivator what is?

  4. Passion
    Last but not least, there are some people who are genuinely triggered by the passion they have in their ”life suitcase” which can be a great source of inspiration and excitement. Motivation is not always hidden in dark places that people want to escape from. Sometimes it is in the warmth of the sun, the kindness of the human heart, end every inspiring aspect of this planet. People who have been in touch with the beauties of this world are anticipant to reflect some of it back to the universe.

    This time we talk about love in its most authentic form. This love comes as a passion or even an obsession for what some people do but when this is the motive, the result is not simply success. In this category, we will find all these brilliant talents who have had an impact in science, music, and all sorts of arts, and sports. Love is the queen and is the smoothest talker to get you into doing the most amazing things.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Big Picture - The greatest motives that inspired geniuses
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