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Top Luxury Resorts In The World To Do Hospitality Internship

Round pool at the Bulgari Hotel in Dubai

Getting an internship with the best resorts always works well for anyone’s resume. During the internship, the candidates are well analyzed and given regular feedback. In the internship duration, a candidate is allocated to many departments so that by the end of the internship they are familiar with all the workaround. The internship duration varies from place to place and it solely depends on the place as to when they clear a candidate from the internship as they gaze out everything before releasing any candidate. Here is a list of some of the top luxury resorts in the world that are best to do hospitality internships with.

  1. Bulgari Hotel, Dubai
    The hotel is known to build confidence and allows the candidate to witness both theory and practical knowledge in their internship duration. The hotel gives a wide idea about what are the basic and major operations that are executed in the hotel and what goes into those. After completing the internship at Bulgari hotel, one is truly excelling in both their soft skills as well as their hard skills that in return help them grow in their career afterward they have completed the internship.

  2. Amantaka, Laos
    The hotel is recognized worldwide for its wooden ceiling, four-poster beds and the execute private verandas or the courtyards that sum up in about 24 of the suites. In here one can learn many things which would be very beneficial such as guests can go around cycling in the town from the hotel or even indulge in different activities and learn along the way. The hospitality department is excellent and you will throughout your internship would be getting great experiences.

  3. Marriot Hotel, Bethesda
    This Marriot is class apart from other Marriot hotels in the world as it allows the interns to be the brand ambassador of the hotel in a much simpler way you the intern become the face and represents the hotel. The interns are allocated and shifted to different departments so that they have hands-on experience in all the departments and can be useful for them in the long run. The internship period here lasts for about 6 months and they are further divided into 2 batches: summer and winter batch which starts from June and December respectively.

  4. Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris
    The Four seasons hotel George V was built back in 1928 and is nestled around the Golden Triangle of Paris. The place has oversized suites with a view which has Eiffel tower. It also has 24-hour available business assistance airport meet and greets valet parking. The internship has been very helpful to the candidates and here as well they get shifted to different departments regularly so that they have knowledge about all the departments and can handle all the situations that may or may not rise when they have cleared the internship with the hotel.

  5. Westin Hotel and Resorts, New York
    To get selected in the Westin Hotel and resorts, New York is not a piece of cake. If your college gives you a letter of recommendation and speaks well of you then you might get selected here for the internship. The basic idea of the hotel whilst selecting any candidate is to look if the college speaks well of the student and provides a letter of recommendation and they follow this because they think that those candidates are more serious and dedicated towards work than the rest of the lot. One has to be a friendly professional with very good communication skills.

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