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Where to learn Mixology in New Zealand

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Cocktail culture is hitting high notes day by day. And this goes in tandem with the amount of hard work put in by mixologists. While for many people out there the term “Mixology” seems new, the truth is the art has been there since the 19th century. The skill of making tasteful concoctions and bringing out a different story with each sip is what Mixologists are renowned for. Indeed, such is the popularity of the skill today, that the demand for these cocktail connoisseurs has increased. Thus, for all those headed towards a career in this sector, here are some of the best options to learn the trade in New Zealand.

  1. Bartender Academy, New Zealand
    One of the most prolific options in New Zealand to learn Mixology is the Bartender Academy. The duration of the entire program is small but it does make a lasting impact on your career. Throughout the 3-day bar and cocktail course, students get a chance to work with some of the biggest names in the country. Apart from this, the program is accompanied by real-life practical activities which shape your career easily. Students also have a chance to work with world-class casinos, hotels, bars, resorts. and restaurants which is an added advantage.

  2. New Zealand School of Food and Wine
    For all those who are interested in churning delicious cocktails for guests, here is a great option for you. The New Zealand School of Food And Wine has a 3 session course that ticks all the basics of Mixology. Enrolling in the program will not only help students learn about flavors, spirits, and liqueurs but also learn new tricks. The entire course is small but guarantees to make you confident enough to present mixed drinks in both home and work.

  3. Bellini Bar
    Bellini bar is one of the finest places nestled in Hilton, Auckland. What makes the venue even more special is the mixology classes it offers. Known for hosting interactive lessons for interested candidates, the expert mixologists teach the art of making cocktail drinks. Every session is for 1.5 hours and is guaranteed to help you learn how to stir, shake, and strain cocktail delicacies. Perfect for amateurs, the classes help you get an upper hand when hosting any corporate or personal events. One of the best choices in the country for everyone looking to please guests with extensive cocktails.

  4. Diego Bar Academy
    The Diego Bar Academy is a premium option for all those ready to take up mixology as their career choice. The e-learning option has immense training programs for people across the globe which include top-notch bartenders and venue owners who help you in the journey. With access to masterclasses and e-learning modules, every candidate can learn and polish their skills further. From learning drinks techniques and tools to learning from global cocktailians students also get a chance to learn from renowned industry trailblazers. All this together makes the academy a perfect choice for aspiring mixologists across the globe.

  5. A Bar Above
    This is yet another online certification program for all those interested to take up a career as Mixologist. The whole discipline includes two in-depth courses that help students to learn all the basics of cocktail mixing at first. What makes this course unique is that it covers the key concepts of drinks only and not bar options. The course is also accompanied by a 1-hour long multiple-choice exam and is a great option for people looking for an option to up their game. So, if you are interested in a career as a Mixologist a shot, then this is one option you shall never miss.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Where to learn Mixology in New Zealand
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