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Where To Study Sound Engineering In Mexico

Mixing console for the sound engineer

Are you into technology? Sound engineering is a great career choice for you then. Sound engineers are used to working for digital games, radio, television, and even in the movies. The work a sound engineer would be performing solely depends on your field of work. Majorly a sound engineer would be recording vocals and instruments of a particular track where one has to align the instruments to the level of the track so that it becomes worth hearing. The very basic work of a sound engineer includes track editing, mixing of the track, and also mastering the track. Below is the list of the best places you can enroll yourself and study sound engineering in Mexico.

  1. Fermatta Music Academy
    Fermatta Music Academy is said to be the top music center in Mexico and also in Latin America. The university has degrees recognized by the SEP which stands for Secretariat Public Education. In the world of music, the degree from Fermatta music academy is designed as such that the industry has always praised and recognized it. The main idea of the university is to enhance the skills of a student whilst they brush up their theoretical as well as practical skills of music. The program is 4 years long and is subdivided into 8 semesters after the completion of which you can step into the musical world.

  2. SAE Mexico
    SAE Mexico stands by the line that if a student has the talent, it will offer them the best tools and a great career ahead. SAE was formed back in 1976 by an Australian producer and audio engineer named Tom Misner. SAE has been dedicated to providing the best knowledge as well as the best experience. It also truly believes that it provides the best place for innovation and spaces whilst pushing every candidate forward and let them be the best version of themselves. With their sheer dedication to music, they are recognized as one of the best places to study audio/sound engineering in Mexico.

  3. Sennheiser Sound Academy
    The Sennheiser Sound Academy offers a high-notch training system and expert-level knowledge. The course is modular and allows you to pick and choose from a variety of modules to study from. At the beginner level, the academy will provide different domains of sound technology so that you get an overall knowledge of the same. During the initial stage of the training the student would be asked to attend e-learning classes and afterward would be called for in-room training sessions with classmates and trainers. This academy is the only and sole platform to join and become a part of the Sennheiser product and service pieces of training.

  4. BPM College
    BPM College is amongst the top music and sound colleges in the region. The college was founded back in 2003 by Idan Huna and Yariv Etzion. The main goal of the college is to give out the best training to the students to become producers, musicians and even sound engineers. The college every year takes about 700 students for the course. The college has a variety of small- and full-time courses such as music theory, sound design, and also music production which includes pre and post-production of the track. The college also has a live lab for the students to get a better experience about music and what goes in the making for a track that goes out in the market.

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