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Top 5 Most Expensive Fashion Designers in the US

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In today’s era, the economy all around the world is becoming overwhelmed by the plans for different style houses. American fashioners have their different methods and ways of presenting their ideas out to the public. Some fashion designers land out of pocket for a lot of people and even big brands. The worth and total expense of these designers is in the millions and have been in the market for a long time.

The following are some of the most expensive fashion designers in the US:

    Tom Ford has been getting overwhelming responses ever since when he entered the industry. He is known for his unique styling of a blend of both pleasant and fashionable clothes. His designs work for all age groups and are loved by one and all. He has been ruling the industry and also has gained popularity when he entered the industry. His most expensive items are diamond loafers ($2 million) and a tuxedo ($5540).

    Marc Jacobs has been in the industry since the late eighties and has been popular ever since. He has popularly known for his regular styling a blend of grunge, preppy, and also couture all together as a mashup. He has been at top of his game ever since he has entered society and has been doing well as well. His designs are much liked and worn by a lot of celebrities. His most expensive products are- Carolyn Crocodile Handbag ($38,000) and Puffy Clouds Embroidery Dress ($28,000).

    Ralph Lauren had begun his worldwide team back in 1968 with a great quality line of menswear. His image has gone from incorporating ladies’ style, aromas, home furniture, and also pretty much what else can be imagined. He has a unique style of new as well as customized also all-American look which is accomplished with his mark polo which speaks for Ralph Lauren. His brand has varied luxury lines, out of which the most expensive products are- Purple Label Crocodile Duffel Bag ($25,000) and Purple Label Gregory Handmade Tailcoat Tuxedo ($9,995).

    Michael Kors is one of the top fashion designers in the world known for his style of planning as well as customary things. He is a self-declared fashion designer who is well known in the industry and is very popular as well. Kors trusts form which is ought to stand beyond typical cases as well as designs. His work is seamless and effortless which can be accomplished by wearing his dress and other outfits. Simplicity is implicit in his designs whether it is sportswear or accessories. His most expensive products are- Julie Nile Crocodile Large Bag ($13000) and Miranda Crocodile Large Tote ($8000).

    Calvin Klein is known for being one planner which holds the title of “America’s King of clothes.” He began his career back in the mid-seventies and has been ruling the market ever since he has entered the industry. His original ideas were jeans and the business sector which are now expanded to cosmetics, perfumes, menswear, womenswear, bed and bath linens. He has his unique styling ideas and his designs are loved by one and all around the world. His most expensive product is the slaughterhouse raincoat ($6940).

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