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Top 10 Most Expensive Hairstylists In The World

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Having a signature style and look is something that everyone craves. Gone are the days when keeping up with appearances was only limited to celebrities. Today even normal people are pushing the envelope in this regard and hiring a good hairstylist for their makeover. But not everyone has that magic in their hands. The list below explores the names of some renowned hairstylists who have carved a niche for themselves in the industry.

  1. Stuart Phillips
    Charge per haircut: $16,000
    Stuart Phillips is one of the renowned hairstylists from Britain. He charges around $16,000 per haircut which also includes a luxurious lunch and massage. Out of the many celebrities, he has groomed, the names of Jamie Oliver and Benecio Del Toro are among one of them. His long list of achievements also includes the Guinness Book of World Record for the “Most Expensive Haircut”.

  1. Rossano Ferretti
    Charge Per Haircut: $1600
    Rossano Ferretti is another one of the acclaimed names in the styling industry. The Italian hairdresser has a string of salons stretching from the Middle East, America, Europe, to Asia. Apart from that, he has also worked in high-profile fashion shows, and his list of clientele includes Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga.

  1. Ted Gibson
    Charge Per Haircut: $950-$1200
    Ted Gibson is the man behind the iconic looks of celebrities like Renee Zewelleger and Anne Hathaway. The man is a profound hair expert and has also appeared in TV shows like “What Not To Wear” on TLC. A haircut in his salons will cost you anywhere between $950-$1200 which makes him one of the expensive stylists in the world.

  1. Orlando Pita
    Charge Per Haircut: $1000
    What is common between Julia Roberts, Madonna, and Julianne Moore, apart from the fact that they are celebrities? Well, they have the same hairstylist, Orlando Pita. Known for being a regular hairdresser in fashion shows and big events, the stylist is also known for creating the most trendy haircuts.

  1. Sally Hershberger
    Charge per Haircut: $800
    Sally Hershberger is another high-profile American Stylist who has already groomed Meg Ryan, Tom Cruise, and Hillary Clinton. Today a cut at her salons will cost $800, making her one of the richest hairstylists in the world.

  1. David Babaii
    Charge per Haircut: $650
    David Babaii is also known as the “King of Curl”. He charges a whopping amount of $650 for haircuts, blowouts, and highlights and is also famous for creating iconic looks for top celebs Scarlette Johannsson and Kate Hudson.

  1. Chris MacMillan
    Charge per Haircut: $600
    We all remember “Rachel Greene” haircut from the famous sitcom “Friends”, right. Well, the man behind that iconic look of Jennifer Aniston is none other than Chris MacMillan. A proud owner of a salon in Beverly Hills, Chris has also styled many different celebrities, making him one of the expensive stylists in the world.

  1. Serge Normant
    Charge Per Haircut: $500
    The French hairstylist Serge Normant is one name synonymous with fashion shows around the world. Among his high-profile clients are the names of celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Ellen Barkin. He charges $500 per haircut at his salon in Los Angeles and New York.

  1. Oribe Canales
    Charge Per Haircut: $400
    The Cuban-born hairstylist was famous for grooming Jennifer Lopez. What makes him different is that he never colored any of his client’s hair and focussed only on the cut. Although he died in 2018, his legacy lives in the form of salons where famous celebs frequent every week.

  1. Ken Modestou
    Charge per Haircut: $30-$23,000
    The last name to feature on our list is that of Ken Modestou. Although the man and his services are not that expensive as others on the list, Hassanal Bolkiah spends around $23,000 to fetch him from London. This has made him one of the top hairstylists around the world.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - Top 10 Most Expensive Hairstylists In The World
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