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The 10 Most Expensive Yachts And Their Owners

White Super Yacht in the sea

Let us face it, there are only a handful of luxury yachts that are sailing right through the hearts of the oceans today. While each of them is unique in its way, what makes them special is the number of amenities they offer.

So, without further adieu let’s take a look at some of the most expensive Yachts and people who own them.

  1. History Supreme
    Owner: Robert Cook
    Price: $4.8 billion
    At a whopping price of $4.8 billion, History Supreme is one such yacht that is made of solid gold. The boat is 100 feet long and is packed with 10,000 kg of gold and platinum in various areas. Apart from that, there is a statue made of Tyrannosaurus Rex bones, a 68 kg 24-carat gold Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium, and a liquor bottle adorned with a rare 18.5-carat diamond, which adds to the glamour quotient.

  1. Eclipse
    Owner: Roman Abramovich
    Price: $1.5 billion
    Eclipse is owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich. The luxury yacht has 24 guest cabins, two helipads, and an intruder detection missile system which makes it one in a million. Also, the other amenities offered by the yacht are top-class which gives it the title of the most expensive in the world.

  1. Streets of Monaco
    Owner: Not Available
    Price: $1.1 billion
    The inspiration behind this superyacht is none other than the country of Monaco. Stuffed with all the opulence in the world, the floating paradise is 500 feet in length and promises all types of luxuries to visitors. Also, you get to see the various landmarks from Monaco which gives the luxury liner an added charm.

  1. Azzam
    Owner: Royal Family of UAE
    Price: $600 million
    The Azzam is yet another luxury yacht owned by the royal family in Dubai. What makes the floating vessel different from its compatriots is French design and architecture. With an overall length of 590 feet, the yacht is one of the fastest in the entire world.

  1. Topaz
    Owner: Shaikh Mansour
    Price: $527 million
    For $527 million, Topaz is considered as one of the expensive yachts sailing through oceans today. The yacht has 8 decks, two helipads, a gymnasium, a large jacuzzi, and other features which make it a combination of luxury and style.

  1. Motor Yacht A
    Owner: Andrey Melnichenko
    Price: $440 million
    The 400 feet boat is constructed in the style of a stealth warship and military submarine. But that doesn’t mean it is less in amenities. Inside the luxury yacht, one can find discos, guest suites, and moving walls that add a pinch of opulence to the floating vessel.

  1. Dubai
    Owner: Royal Family of UAE
    Price: $400 million
    Named after one of the stunning countries in the world, Dubai yacht is owned by the royal family of UAE. The boat features all top-end amenities swimming pool, helipad, and sunbathing platform that help you spend your vacation in style.

  1. Serene
    Owner: Mohammad Bin Salman
    Price: $330 million
    Serene is another stylish yacht that has the look and feels of grandeur in the smallest details. The yacht is packed with helipads, submarines, snow room, steam room, and underwater viewing room which makes your total experience worth it in every way.

  1. Radiant
    Owner: Abdulla Al Futtaim
    Price: $320 million
    At $320 million, Radiant is everything one can expect in a penthouse. The yacht has swimming pools, helipads, massage rooms, theatre, gym, and jacuzzi on the set. Apart from this the boar also features a water cannon for protection, making it one of the luxurious yachts in the world.

  1. Al Said
    Owner: Royal Family of Oman
    Price: $300 million
    With an impressive length of 508.53 feet, Al Said is a premium yacht owned by the Royal Family of Oman. What makes the vessel special is it can host 70 guests, and 154 crew members at any given time.

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