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10 Expensive Island Owners in The World

View from the beach of one of the Fiji Islands

This is a busted reality that all of the celebrities own a spectacular mansion in which they live. But did you know that some famous personalities own an island for themselves? To give you a quick sneak peek, the list below has names of musicians and TV personalities with some of the most expensive landmasses as their prized investment.

  1. David Copperfield
    Island Name: Musha Cay
    Net Worth: US$ 65,395, 876
    Touted as one of the most successful magicians in the world, David Copperfield owns 4 islands in total. Out of them Musha Cay in the Bahamas is most popular due to its breathtaking beauty. Boasting 5 guest houses in total, the island is a dream destination to embark upon for people who love whim and fancy.

  1. Beyonce and Jay-Z
    Island Name: Not Known
    Net Worth: US$ 23,838,794
    Beyonce and Jay-Z are two names from the music industry that hardly need any introduction. The power couple reportedly owns two islands destinations that form a part of the exclusive getaways, for enjoying time away from the press and media glare.

  1. George Clooney
    Island Name: Sonning Eye
    Net Worth: US$ 18,631,438
    George Clooney is counted among the finest and most popular stars in Hollywood. He is known for having impeccable taste in not only selecting films but also zeroing locations. The Hollywood-A lister is the proud owner of an island on the River Thames which features a gorgeous mansion with all the latest amenities.

  1. Shakira and Roger Waters
    Island Name: Bond’s Cay Bahamas
    Net Worth: US$17,615,613
    Shakira as an artist has a huge fan following for her smashing hit songs. In 2011, the singer added another feather to her cap when she co-invested in a 700 acres island in the Bahamas. The current net worth of the landmass is around $17,615,613 making her one of the expensive island owners in the world.

  1. Mel Gibson
    Island Name: Mago Island, Fiji
    Net Worth: US$20, 288, 873
    Mago Island owned by popular actor Mel Gibson is considered to be one of the largest in the Pacific Ocean. Spanning over 5,400 acres the island is enveloped by lush vegetation which is its greatest asset. The current worth of the land is $20, 288, 873.

  1. Eddie Murphy
    Island Name: Rooster Cay
    Net Worth: US$ 19,132,669
    Eddie Murphy is another famous Hollywood celebrity who owns a private island. The actor purchased Rooster Cay way back in 2007 and has plans of turning the island into a resort. Apart from natural beauty, the slice-of-paradise is off-limits to the public making it best for retreat.

  1. Brad Pitt
    Island Name: Petre, Lake Mahopac
    Net Worth: US$13, 452, 808
    Brad Pitt is one of the most influential actors in the world. Part of the Hollywood Royalty, the A-list celebrity owns a private island that is nestled 80 km north of New York. With a current net worth of US$13, 452, 808, the island is a perfect retreat for the public personality.

  1. Ricky Martin
    Island Name: Angra Dos Reis
    Net Worth: US$ 9,803, 965
    Apart from his vocal skills, if there is one thing that has made Ricky Martin a household name is his penchant for helping others. But that doesn’t mean he has no time to reward himself. The singing sensation owns a private island in Brazil that has a decadent villa for retreat.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio
    Island Name: Blackadore Caye Island
    Net Worth: US$ 2,367, 035
    Known for bringing some of the iconic roles to life, Leonardo DiCaprio is a man of fine taste. Needless, to say his private island is surrounded by nature itself and will feature around 70 bungalows and residences in the future.

  1. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
    Island Name: Goat Cay and L’IIe D’ Anges
    Net Worth: US$1,706, 260
    Country Singers Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are proud owners of a luxury island resort in the Bahamas. The overall work on the island took 8 years to complete and today is regarded as one of the finest retreats in the world.

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