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CEO Spotlight: Victoria Kennedy, Victorious PR CEO Utilizes Power of Integrity to Establish Award-Winning Firm

Public relations is defined as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

A simple statement, but it is an industry that requires individuals who are multi-talented. They must be energetic, creative, possess sound communication skills and have the ability to establish lasting connections with others.

While these are necessary skills to succeed in the public relations industry, one quality that has set Victorious PR CEO Victoria Kennedy apart from others is her dedication to placing her ethics at the forefront of everything she does – including growing her company into an award-winning public relations firm.

Victorious PR partners with clients who also possess strong ethical values as the company works to transform their clients into industry leaders. Guided by their trusted CEO, the Victorious team builds brands that effect real change.

“I built this company with one goal in mind: to lead with integrity and help impactful leaders and businesses be seen and heard to have a greater influence on the world,” said Kennedy.

Victorious PR has partnered with multi-billionaire entrepreneurs, such as Krista Mashore and Dan Henry, to develop their authority in the press. The most inspiring part of her story is not just that Kennedy grew her business from its beginning stages to seven figures in just under one year, but she did so during a year struck by a worldwide pandemic that saw many businesses struggle to make ends meet.

From music sensation to public relations phenomenon

Before Kennedy established herself as the public relations expert she is today, she was first a professional opera singer who toured all over Europe. Kennedy was adored by fans, performing at packed concerts and giant cathedrals. She even had the opportunity to perform with the likes of Andrea Bocelli and landed one of her singles at the top of the iTunes classical chart in Europe.

During her musical career, Kennedy understood the importance of creating a name for herself. She was aware that talent alone was not enough for a successful musical career if no one knew her name. It made a big difference in playing small stage verses large venues – even castles.

“Music artists need to promote their work to wide audiences to be successful, and this is achieved best through publicity and public relations campaigns,” Kennedy explained.

It was a no brainer for Kennedy to transfer those skills she had acquired in branding her own musical career to help others reach their own success after her work visa was not renewed in Europe, ending her musical career.

When she launched her public relations career, she could have never imagined the exponential growth she would experience in such a short amount of time, but her experience creating a name combined with her core values quickly got her noticed and appreciated.

“Literal gold,” Bao Le, CEO of Bao Digital, said of working with Victorious PR. “If your clients don’t know you, they aren’t going to trust you and Victoria has helped me overcome that and so much more. She got me on Yahoo! Finance and it absolutely blew my mind! I’ve been over the moon with the quality of work.”

Victoria Kennedy

A trusted leader

The multi-talented entrepreneur founded Victorious PR in 2019. With no connections within the industry of her own, she relied on self-taught media relations experience, strong drive and sense of integrity to push forward in her new endeavor. Within the first three months, the company drew six-figures in revenue and is now on its way to becoming a million-dollar business.

It turned out Kennedy didn’t need inside connections or leads to find success in public relations. She allowed her own leadership ideas of helping, motivating and inspiring others to guide her, and it proved to be just what the industry needed.

Kennedy realized early on that her personal integrity would be reflected in the way she did business. It was important for her to always do the right thing, even behind closed doors when no one was watching. On a personal level, those with integrity must hold onto their ethics even during uncomfortable situations.

However, in the world of public relations, remaining true to one’s integrity means continuing to perform the tasks at hand without compromise due to any disruptions in one’s environment – and in an industry like public relations where things are constantly evolving, there will always be disruptions. Remaining true to oneself is easier said than done, but Kennedy is a shining example to others that it can be done.

“I know that I am responsible for my actions under any circumstances. Positive results will accelerate the company’s growth, while negative results can be used as lessons for the future,” Kennedy said. “I take credit for my success while holding myself accountable for my mistakes, and that has paid dividends when it comes to growing my business.”

It is not an easy task, but because of Kennedy’s loyalty to placing her integrity above all else, she has been able to lead a company that is making a difference. Beyond the numerous awards, at its core, it is helping others. It is something both her clients and her team appreciate about her because it takes more than metrics, channels and platforms alone to create a successful public relations campaign.

The future is bright

As Kennedy continues to build successful brands for others, she has no intentions of slowing down the triumph of Victorious PR. With a growth mindset, she intends to use her positive approach and leadership skills to market herself in order to let clients know she is willing to assist them in establishing their businesses and brands in their chosen market.

“She has genuinely helped my business tremendously and my personal brand,” said Jared Curry, seven-figure business owner and coach and client of Victorious PR. “She has been getting me on podcasts, on articles all over the internet. And I have become the authoritative brand in my space. And it’s been such an asset to our organization.”

Just like during her musical career days, she was well aware it was just as important to continue building her own personal brand as it is to help others build their brands.

“Your customers need to know the face behind the brand and what you stand for,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy has worked to build a loyal customer base for herself alongside her agency, only exposing the power of both. Now, her global company has everything it needs to continue working alongside the entrepreneurs and businesses who choose Victorious PR in climbing to the top of the ladder.

About Victorious PR: 

Victoria Kennedy is a well-respected authority in public relations. She is the CEO of Victorious PR, an award-winning full-service agency that has helped clients across the world boost their visibility and revenue. She is a highly in-demand speaker on all things branding and publicity. Due to her expertise, she has spoken on TEDX, the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inman Connect, and several other high -profile events, in addition to being featured in more than 200 publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo! Finance. Click here to get into top publications:

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