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 How To Stay Healthy While Studying Abroad

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If you think that studying abroad is a long vacation, then you are being short-sighted. There is too much money involved, distance from family and friends, involvement in an alien culture, and competition. On top of all that, it is on the students to maintain their health, physical and mental, and that is not easy. The nature of stress one experiences as an international student is different and must be taken very seriously. Unless you take appropriate steps you may end up impacting your health detrimentally.

I get it; you have got a busy life so you might not be able to spare as much time as you should. That being said, failing to invest time in this area will have long-term consequences and will upset all your plans. So, what should you do? There is a bit on it written down below, and all you are expected to do is to read and implement them.

Here is a small guide to staying healthy while studying abroad.

  1. Of course, eat healthy food
    The most obvious yet most neglected piece of advice in this regard is eating healthy food. Our dietary regime stops making sense once we are introduced to the world of late-night studies and all-night parties. Because our daily routine gets crazy we begin feeling hungry throughout the day hence, increasing the urge to resort to fast foods. You must stop right there or you will end up consuming way too many carbs. Ensure that you have your meals at the proper time and include all the necessary nutrition in your routine. From fruits and vegetables to meat, there should be everything but in moderate quantity.

  1. Daily exercises
    Okay, I know this is tough. For me, it takes days before I actually start exercising but when I do it is always a good feeling. Now, you can go to a gym; if not, stay home and engage in other forms of exercises such as aerobics and yoga. Let us say you don’t want to do these as well. How about going on a power walk daily? If you can add 10,000 steps to your daily routine, you will be doing quite well. Exercising does not only benefit your physical health; it improves mood and balances your mental health. Spare at least half an hour for exercises!

  1. Say NO to erratic sleep cycles
    Late-night assignments, test preparations, and whatnot will become regular aspects of your university life. But, that does not mean that these can’t be regulated or managed well. Many problems will be solved the moment you start waking up early. An adult needs at least 7 or more hours of sleep a night, and sleeping late and waking up early/late won’t help. Prepare a routine for yourself and follow it diligently. You might have noticed that you often wake up in a foul mood the day following a late-night sleep; it is because you are supposed to fix this!

  1. Get regular health check-ups
    See, you must know how your body is doing. For that, obviously, you need to see a doctor from time to time. Make sure you get an all-body check-up once a year to be sure that your body is doing fine. If you dilly dally, then you might end up being ignorant of serious medical issues requiring urgent attention. This, of course, will hamper your finances for reasons too obvious to state. Go see your university physician and keep him updated.

  1. Involve yourself
    It is not easy living the life of an international student. Culture shock can be really challenging and is known to turn many students reserved in their lifestyle. The more inward your lifestyle becomes, the less involvement you will have in social life. Do not push yourself into oblivion and participate in social life. I am not asking you to become a party animal; just interact, know people, and enjoy. You will not be able to deal with alienation unless you put effort to assimilate into society. Start with clubs or associations in the university, talk to people over there. In case problems persist, consult a therapist/counselor who can really help in controlling your inhibitions.

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