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Further Your Research Interests! Know About the Top 5 Research Universities in the World

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Everything that we have today can be attributed to research. Brilliant minds of our time, and the past, have worked so hard to bring us to where we stand as a civilization. And if we are to progress any further then this process needs to be carried out in earnest. However, researchers are nothing without the labs that they work in or the precious guidance that they receive from their faculty, professors, and colleagues.

If the above-mentioned lines got you excited then you have found the right place to be at! Here, we talk about the top five research universities in the world that you can go to further your quest for knowledge. Each of them comes with its list of benefits and they constantly try to overshadow the rest in innovation. This makes for not only a glorious rivalry but also ample opportunities to outperform others.

  1. Yale University
    The presence of research labs on the campus of an Ivy League university is no big deal but Yale has over 800 research laboratories! Hosting over forty courses, Yale is home to a wide and varied variety of research scholars. These scholars spend most of their coursework time in labs going over the practical aspect of the theories they mastered. Yale is focused on becoming the leading face of human progress. As a student here, you will not be reiterating proven theorems but rather engaging in research of black holes, finding a solution to climate change, expanding our knowledge of neuroscience, etc. You think of anything as cutting-edge advancement, you immediately think of Yale.

  2. Princeton University
    If Princeton occupies the elite chair in ranking f universities then it is on the back of its research wing. Research is an integral part of the university and some of the brightest minds in human history have graced its halls in days past. That illustrious legacy continues even today as Princeton prepares the brightest minds of today to lead us into a better future. The students here have the funding required to make this possible. If you manage to get into Princeton, you will find that you have the financial and academic backing of the university to implement your most extravagant projects with ease. With over eleven hundred faculty members spread across its thirty-four departments, you will never find guidance to be amiss.

  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    MIT focuses extensively on the importance of research for the career development and intellectual advancement of its students. Right since its conception, MIT has emphasized lab instruction in the fields of applied science and engineering. MIT has also been instrumental in leading the USA through the tough times of World War I and the Cold War through its technological breakthroughs. MIT stands toe to toe with the premier institutes of the world when it comes to sharing the number of Nobel laureates to be affiliated with its college. Another feat that sets it apart from its competitors is that it has one of the most powerful university-based nuclear reactors in the USA. Yes, an academic institute with its nuclear reactor.

  4. Johns Hopkins University
    Founded in 1876, it is one of the world’s oldest research universities. The unique advantage of such a long history is that you can find almost everything worth researching, across any field, here at the university. Right since its conception, the university has been all about expanding the scope of knowledge. It makes no segregation between graduate and undergraduate students when it comes to availing of its lab facilities. The aim of JHU is the discovery and creation of new knowledge. However, this freedom is not unbridled, the students regularly engage with the faculty in discussions over ethics, literature, and career development.

  5. Stanford University
    With a research faculty that is a little over two thousand strong and a budget that is over a billion American dollars, Stanford is certainly the place for miracles. Even in the present crisis, Stanford has helped us by developing vaccines for this pandemic. The research scholars here have worked tirelessly and ceaselessly to pull it off. Such an accomplishment only goes to show the high level of academic excellence and practical insight required to be at Stanford. If you are someone of unprecedented intellect then this is the place for you. Not only academic excellence but any and everything you have dreamed about achieving will dwarf in comparison to the opportunities that await you at Stanford.

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