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Crack the bar exams with these 5 tips!

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Studying law is in itself a Herculean task. But, things only become more challenging once we graduate. Bar exams are essential to the legal profession. They are a ticket to the professional world allowing only those who qualify it to practice law. Of course, not anyone can be allowed to practice in courts so bar exams are generally very tough in standards. You simply cannot go, write the paper, and get qualified. To qualify for the bar exams, you must have a proper strategy, and the formulation of this strategy starts quite early.

Law students or graduates who are reading this article should hang on a little longer. I am not going to give you a panacea for cracking bar exams. But, I surely have a few suggestions to make. Making through bar examination is more than just reading law books. There is a method to it. You have to use the right methods and should be able to score well. What can you do to crack bar exams? Well, I have 5 suggestions to make.

  1. Start with a schedule
    It is advised that you start preparing a little for the bar exams in the final year of university. However, you may postpone the preparation schedule so long as you have at least three to four months before the main exam. The first thing you will have to do is to mentally prepare yourself to study for a good number of hours a day. Now, the numbers differ depending on the capabilities of the candidate. However, generally, 7-10 hours of study is preferable. Surely, you should take some time off weekly to relax. Also, if you think bar exams can be cracked with a few weeks’ preparations, then you might be underestimating the exams way too much.

  1. Read through the syllabus properly
    A very common problem among aspirants is their lack of knowledge about the syllabus. Bar exams stipulate a syllabus from which candidates can prepare. However, many candidates do not even bother to go through it. It is very important to understand what there is in the syllabus. You should be able to narrow down the topics which need more attention, and the ones which do not require much of your time. Also, this understanding will help in framing your schedule and using your study aids smartly. You should know very well that the standard law school curriculum is not sufficient to crack bar exams.

  1. Practice Mocks
    It is great that you have got the entire syllabus covered. You have spent a great deal of your time reading newspapers, law journals, commentaries, books, and whatnot. But, the sheer amount of knowledge needs to be tested. Bar exams generally ask application-type questions where mere theoretical knowledge may not be completely helpful. You will be asked to apply your knowledge in solving practical questions and this cannot be perfected in a day. You will have to practice. Hence, enroll in courses or practice as many mock tests as you can. There shouldn’t be any set limit to the number of mock tests you should be solving. The more you practice, the more you will have things under control.

  1. Health must not be compromised with
    Reading statutes, interpretation, case laws, and others is a humungous task. There is so much to understand, and so much yes, very much to memorize. Your mind will have to store in voluminous information retention of which wouldn’t be possible unless your health has been maintained well. Drink lots of water, adopt a healthy diet, eat fruits, and exercise. Indulge in self-care regularly so that you do not feel saturated. Trust me, it is going to get more tedious every day and only a healthy mind and body can help you sail through these pressuring times.

  1. Calm before exam
    Say, tomorrow is your exam. You are freaking out and have been rifling through your notes. I say, STOP. A day before the exam, you should take a rest. Well, you may want to disagree with this suggestion but consider the fact that the main day will be hectic as hell and you will need a calm and relaxed mind to deal with it. Unless you have dedicated some of your time to calming your head and relaxing your mind you will feel tired on the main day.

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