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TEDx Speaker and Award-Winning Business Coach, Dr. Tracy Timberlake, Launches Her Money Mindset Initiative

Dr. Tracy Timberlake grew up in a middle-class family and took the “normal” college to corporate path. After a few detours, she found her way to the higher education realm, where she realized she didn’t want the same things others wanted. She had been ‘the good’ student and ‘the good employee,’ but she was left unfilled and dissatisfied. Once she discovered the power of social media and the secret to building a personal brand, she realized she could do what she loved, make money, and meet each day with purpose.

“My mission is to live my life in a way that shows others what’s possible for theirs,” Dr. Timberlake explains. “One way to do this is to help people create new money stories for themselves.”

Most of Dr. Tracy Timberlake’s clientele is what she describes as older millennials and Gen Xers. These are highly educated individuals between the ages of 40 – 60 with master’s degrees (80%) and doctorates (50%). They’re experts in their fields yet significantly underpaid and uninspired. Her clients come to her because they see others with less experience achieving skyrocketing success in their respective digital spaces. They also want to bring their professional expertise to the digital space. What holds many of these smart, driven individuals back from achieving next-level success is a stunted money mindset often built around false generational money stories.

A common money story that Dr. Timberlake is quick to point out as false is that we must work harder to make more money. “I want people to get away from the idea that the more you work, the more you make. In fact, the opposite is true. My money mindset initiative peels back the layers to help people truly understand how money works. Money is a renewable resource. Currency flows, which is why it’s called currency. A millionaire mindset begins with learning how to activate money to flow through you and to you.”

Fast forward to today and Dr. Tracy Timberlake is an award-winning business coach and digital strategist who guides entrepreneurs, leaders, and influencers to understand the massive impact they can make by showing up in the digital space. Drawing from her educational background, Dr. Timberlake takes high-level concepts and breaks them down in a way that resonates with her clients on a deeper level and gives them the tools needed to build their personal brand and achieve financial freedom. Her money mindset initiative and Masterclass aims to get people out of the middle-class mindset to go further and realize their full wealth potential.

Dr. Timberlake has taken on the mission of normalizing entrepreneurship and helping her clients, especially women, become aware of their money mindset and how it’s shaped by generational experiences. She wants her clients to know they are in the driver’s seat of their future with the power to create new money stories for themselves.

For more information about the launch of Dr. Timberlake’s money mindset initiative, visit here.

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